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Couple's Interesting Evening by Hardy (

Amazing things transpire when husband wishes to test his lovely wife's resolve, and uses their best friend in the endeavor. Husband and beautiful wife each tell their story of these interesting events.


* Couple's Interesting Evening *

His Story

This story involved my wife Amy, our friend Steve, and me. Like many stories it had a beginning, a middle, and an ending. We have to go back and reconstruct the story from its beginning.

We had a long term relationship with Steve and his wife. That is until their divorce several months ago. His ex-wife moved away, but Steve remained in their home. The divorce did not interfere with our friendship, and we continued to do many things together; we always tried to include him in our activities. He was a terrible cook, so he was a dinner guest at our home many times -- if anything we had grown closer, being very supportive of him.

He was always very attentive to Amy and clearly he was attracted to her. That was understandable as she was a beautiful woman who turned many heads. She enjoyed the admiring glances of many men who were envious of me. I was fortunate to have such a lovely wife. She was tall, with an outstanding figure, good shoulders, lovely firm breasts, a slim waist, lovely hips, and stunning long perfect legs. Her short skirts showed these off to advantage.

Steve admired my wife, even more so since he was single, but he never tried to come onto her, perhaps because of our long friendship. Steve was a very good- looking man, quite well built, and Amy enjoyed his admiring glances, sometimes affording him a view of her stocking-clad thighs as he sat across from her. Other times as she was shifting in her chair, or getting up, or sitting down, her legs separated enough so that I’m sure he had a glimpse of her sheer silk panties. He would blush when I caught him staring.

When I mentioned it to her, she said, it was just harmless flirting. I think she enjoyed teasing him, especially as he was now single. When he came over he always embraced her, giving her a brief kiss.

I wondered how far she might go if a good opportunity presented itself. As I said we did many things together, sometimes going out to dinner at a club where there was dancing. We would take turns dancing with her, and I noticed that he held her close during a slow dance, enjoying the opportunity to feel her body against him. When I danced with her I said, "It seems that you enjoy giving him an erection." She blushed, looking guilty. She said, "You know I have always been faithful to you, and you know I wouldn’t plant any horns on your head." She was laughing at my concern.

Then she started teasing me. "Maybe you would like me to make love to him. Do you think I should let him do it to me? Maybe you would enjoy it if I opened my legs to him, especially since he hasn’t had sex for a long time. It would be charitable of you to offer your wife to him-it wouldn’t be love-just sex." She continued her teasing, her inflammatory remarks, but she finally said, "you know I love you; I’m just kidding to get a rise out of you."

She was goading me, but she had me wondering if she would succumb to him if the conditions were right. I was feeling a tinge of arousal as I listened to her, and I began thinking about the possibility of them having sex, and developed a plan to test her resolve. On the next week-end, when we went out to dinner together, I put my plan in motion.

We had cocktails before we went to dinner, and enjoyed a bottle of wine with an excellent entree. After dinner there was dancing, and we each took turns with Amy. By the time we left we all had a pleasant glow from the drinks we had consumed. The plan was to return to our house and enjoy a video that I had rented.

After I poured drinks we sat on our large sofa with Amy between us. The video was in and I hit play. The movie was sexually explicit, to the surprise of no-one, as I said in advance that we had a very interesting movie. The theme of this movie was a ménage-a-trois, and I thought it might plant an idea. We were watching with rapt attention.

As the on-screen action heated up I began to stroke Amy’s shoulders and neck-soon she was purring. Her short dress rode up a little, exposing some lovely thighs. I turned her head towards me, giving her a brief kiss, followed by another. Steve was following the action, and he turned her face towards him; she hesitated, but then allowed him to kiss her, finally breaking the kiss. She looked at me, raising her eyes, but I smiled, ignoring the unspoken question, kissing her again. Steve took his cue from me and also kissed her again.

I raised the erotic level by stroking her breast as I kissed her, and again taking his cue from me, he stroked her other breast. Reaching back, I pulled the zipper of her dress down to her waist, her dress falling open. She gasped, holding her dress in front of her breasts, saying, "Ok. What’s going on?"

I ignored this question, kissing her again, tugging the front of her dress down to her waist, exposing her sheer bra, the nipples visible. I moved the action along stroking her breast again, and Steve did the same on her other breast. She was protesting, but she was becoming aroused by the combination of the drinks, the explicit movie, and our kisses and caresses.

When Steve kissed her the next time I moved my hand down to her thighs, and stroked her there, pushing her dress up a little more, exposing her stocking tops. Following my lead he also moved his hand down to her thighs, pushing her dress up till her garter straps were exposed. I was surprised that she let matters go this far, but she said, "this has gone far enough guys." But she didn’t make an effort to stop us, probably wondering how far we would go with this. And as long as she wasn’t physically putting up any resistance, I was determined to continue.

When I unsnapped her bra, exposing her breasts, she gasped, and I thought she definitely would stop us now. She started to get up, but I pushed her head and shoulders down to the sofa and caressed her naked breasts, moving my mouth to her nipples, which were fast becoming erect. Steve lifted her legs to the sofa, and continued caressing her thighs, caressing the bare flesh above her stocking tops, my wife moaning now as we continued the assault on her body.

She was beginning to be alarmed as we steadily stroked and caressed her trembling body. Finally she said; "That’s enough, you guys can just quit." But her voice lacked conviction. I didn’t think she would let us go this far, so I was determined to continue until she yelled uncle.

I was kissing her, holding her down as I continued to work on her breasts, which were now very firm. Steve was stroking her naked thighs, pushing her dress further and further up till we could see her lacy panties. He managed to separate her thighs enough so that he could get his hand between them, moving his hand upwards till he reached the crotch of her panties, a groan from my wife when he touched her there, pressing against her vagina.

We continued-I was working on her upper body, and he was working on her lower body. We had her stretched out on the sofa, holding her in position as we continued a slow seduction, my wife flushed and trembling. Steve tugged her dress and slip up till they were bunched at her waist, her sheer panties completely exposed.

Amy was becoming alarmed and she said, "This has gone far enough! I can’t believe the two of you are doing this to me. What are you thinking? Are you thinking of doing it to me, right here on this sofa? Are you two thinking of fucking me?" I kissed her while she was still talking, shutting off her objections. She had closed her legs, but Steve soon had them opened more as he was kissing her naked thighs. Soon he had them opened even more, moving between them, pressing his mouth against the narrow band of her panties, my wife gasping again.

My trembling wife was moaning continuously, very aroused as we continued. Steve grasped the waistband of her panties and Amy said, "Please don’t take my panties off." But he ignored her, and pulled them from under her, pulling them down her thighs and legs, pulling them completely off, exposing her very bushy vagina. She closed her legs again, but he soon had her spread once more, pressing his tongue into the moist lips of her pussy.

Amy was groaning at the contact, and then groaning louder as he worked his tongue into her, stroking into her. There was a gasp from her as he found her clitoris, stroking, circling and lifting the delicate bud, his tongue working magic on her. She was whimpering, moaning, becoming more and more aroused, her passion taking over, her body moving involuntarily.

She looked at me with disbelief, unable to understand why this was happening. Again she said, "I can’t believe the two of you are doing this to me. You have to stop, this is going too far. He is not going to have me, and you aren’t either."

But the drinks, the salacious movie, and the romantic situation she found herself in seemed to prevail, as we continued to lift her to an erotic high. I couldn’t believe that my faithful wife had let things go this far; I thought she would definitely call a halt at some point, but she made only feeble attempts to stop the action. And I was becoming very aroused, feeling myself hardening.

Amy’s cries became louder; and she began shaking and crying out, her body is spasm as she climaxed. We both quickly stripped, and her eyes widened as she saw that we were naked and sporting large erections. She gasped as she viewed Steve’s very thick and very hard cock which was jutting straight out, pointed at her. She said, "Oh no! You’re not going to put that in me!" And she closed her legs, but she was so weak from her orgasm that he easily spread them again, and moved up her body, mounting her, directing his cock against the moist swollen lips of her vagina.

If I didn’t stop him now it would be too late. Amy appeared out of control, too weak to put up and resistance. She laid there, her eyes wide, her body flushed and trembling as she looked at me. I nodded my head and she closed her eyes, giving over to the moment, her legs falling open more as she surrendered.

She flinched when she felt the touch of his cock, moaning as he pressed against the moist lips of her cunt, groaning as he stretched her, and then a hoarse cry as the head of his cock entered her, beginning to fill her. He steadily advanced his cock, filling her more, my wife groaning and then crying out again as he fully impaled her.

I was holding her arms up, and when I released them, they fell to her side. Steve began moving in her, starting slowly, moving fully in and out, his cock wet and shiny with her juices. Gradually he increased his thrusting, my wife moaning continually. He was nearing his climax as he stroked into her. Amy folded her arms and legs over him, crying out as she was shaken by a powerful orgasm, her body in spasm. He was close behind, gripping her ass as he pushed fully into her, groaning as he spurted into her, filling her with his semen.

It was so erotic, watching my wife being fucked so thoroughly by this stud that I almost came without touching myself. As soon as he moved away from her, I got between her spread thighs and quickly entered her. She was loose and wet, but even so I came almost immediately, adding my semen to his.

We were finished and she closed her legs, pulling her dress down, sitting up and covering her breasts. "I can’t believe you let him do that to me, your own wife, and helping him seduce me. We are going to talk later." And she left for bed. Steve, looking slightly embarrassed, also left.

Amy was in bed when I came up. When I got in bed with her she said, "Well, I guess the two of you enjoyed yourselves, doing it to me. I never thought you would let it go that far. You really got a kick watching him fucking me, and he did a good job of it. Did you like it when you saw him coming in me? I certainly did."

"I didn’t think it would go that far either, but when we started you really got into it."

I couldn’t help myself, with the drinks and the erotic movie, and you two working on me -- it’s your fault it happened, and I really enjoyed it.

Her Story

We saw a lot more of Steve after his divorce. He seemed to be at loose ends, and Ken and I were very supportive of him, and he spent a lot of time at our house. He was a poor cook, so he was frequently a dinner guest, and we often included him when we went out to dinner, sometimes to a supper club where there was dancing.

Steve was attractive, and he was very attentive to me- sometimes it was even embarrassing. He was clearly attracted to me, and I enjoyed the attention, encouraging it at times-even to the extent of mild flirting. I would give him a view of my legs as I shifted in my chair, or sitting down. He would blush when I caught him looking up my thighs.

When we were out for dinner where there was dancing, they took turns dancing with me. When I danced with Steve he would gradually hold me close, bringing our bodies together. There were times when I could feel his erection as he held me closely. My husband noted how close we were dancing, and he commented on it later, but I just laughed and said he needed a little excitement. But I said, "He’s never tried to seduce me." I knew he wouldn’t hesitate a minute if I encouraged him.

He said something about my giving him an erection, so I started teasing him, asking Ken if he would like Steve to make love to me, saying if would be charitable of him to offer me to Steve, since he wasn’t getting much sex these days. I told him it would just be sex, not love, and I continued to tease him. But I reassured him, saying I loved him, and was just teasing.

Everything changed one night. We had dinner out with lots of wine and after dinner drinks, then some dancing, finally home where Ken surprised us with a very explicit video, a sexual odyssey involving two men and one woman. The three of us were on the couch, me sitting between them, enjoying a night cap as we viewed the video. I began to get aroused, watching the video, and being very relaxed from the drinks.

Then the two of them began working on me, taking turns kissing me, soon caressing me. I thought what’s going on, as they took turns stroking my breasts, and soon they had their hands on my legs, and were pushing my dress up. I began protesting but they ignored my protests, continuing to arouse me. I thought of making them stop, but I decided to wait a bit to see where this was going.

I didn’t have to wait long before Ken unzipped my dress, pulling it down, and it wasn’t long before he removed my bra, exposing my breasts. At the same time Steve had worked my dress up above my stocking tops, up to my panties. I was aroused, but I was also alarmed at what was happening. Were they just having fun, fueled by the drinks and the explicit movie, or were they thinking of doing it to me? How far did my husband want to carry this? Were they trying to seduce me?

They swung me up on the sofa, Ken holding my shoulders down, kissing and stroking my breasts. Steve worked my dress and slip up under me, pushing them up to my waist. My sheer panties were exposed above my stocking tops and garter belt. I thought this is getting serious, did they intend to fuck me? But I didn’t think they would go that far. I didn’t think my husband would let our friend do it to me, but I was worried, and I was also aroused by the stroking, kisses, and caresses by these two.

By this time Steve had opened my thighs, getting between them, and kissing his way up to the narrow band of my panties. I moaned as he moved the crotch aside and used his mouth and tongue on my vagina, which was now very moist. It was so erotic, what these two were doing to me. I was trembling, and I was getting weaker, more and more aroused.

I thought this had gone far enough-it seemed they had no intention of stopping, but before I could protest Steve had worked my panties from under my hips and pulled them off. I closed my legs and said, "You have to stop, this has gone far enough, and I can’t believe the two of you are doing this to me."

I looked at Ken and said, "I am your wife, why are you letting him do this to me?" But he just smiled and kissed me, holding me as Steve spread my legs, and again got between them, once more bringing his mouth and tongue to my vagina. As he was moving his tongue in me I tried to rise up, but Ken was holding my shoulders down. Was he holding me so another man could take me? Was he planning to give his own wife to another man, watching another man put it in me and fuck me? I couldn’t believe he would do that.

But he did nothing to stop this from happening, and when Steve moved his tongue to my clitoris, I was beginning to lose it. As he continued using his tongue on me, I knew I was about to come, unable to do anything but open my legs further as my climax approached. I was moaning continuously, overcome by an intense orgasm which wracked my body, causing me to cry out, my body shaking.

I lay with my eyes closed, my legs open, my body drained. I was barely aware that they had undressed, until I felt Steve move up, mounting me, and looked down to see his very large cock aimed at me. I tried to close my legs, but I was so weak that he easily spread them wide, preparing to enter me. I felt helpless. I looked at Ken again, but he smiled and nodded, clearly giving me permission to be fucked by him, and still holding my shoulders down, holding my arms above my head, kissing me, and cutting off my protests.

I thought OK. I was done protesting, done trying to rise up and stop this. Also I was so aroused, so overcome with passion that I had no will to resist. If this was what he wanted, if he wanted to watch his own wife taken and entered by this stud, if he wanted to watch me being fucked by our friend, then I would let him-I was helpless anyway, and I surrendered, letting my legs fall fully open, giving myself to him. This was what they wanted and they had set me up.

Finding me compliant, he took his cock in his hand and directed it to my swollen vulva. I lifted my legs, bending my knees, opening myself to him as he pushed firmly, stretching me, beginning to penetrate me. Gripping my hips, he pushed more firmly, and I cried out as the head of his cock entered me. I almost came at that moment. He continued moving into me, stretching me more, his cock pressing forward till he completely filled me, pushing firmly against me cervix, and I cried out again. I had never been so filled, so impaled as I was now.

Also, I didn’t understand why my husband allowed me to be taken by our friend, to be used by him.

He began moving in me, moving slowly at first, taking a lot of time with me. I forgot about my husband as my whole being was centered around this huge cock filling me, moving in and out of me. I was flushed and trembling as he continued. I had never been so overcome with passion as I was now. This erotic situation was lifting me to heights I didn’t think possible; I was so wet that his stroking into me was audible, making sucking sounds that we could hear.

He began thrusting faster, punishing me with his cock, pushing powerfully into me. I clutched him as I felt my orgasm approaching. When I felt him swelling even more I cried out shrilly, my climax full upon me, my body twisting and jerking with the power of my release. This triggered his orgasm, and he groaned, ejaculating into me, and I could feel his semen spurting against my cervix, carrying me along, my orgasm going on and on till he drained himself in me.

When his cock finally softened, he moved out of me, and I just lay there, spread, our juices draining from me. Before I recovered my husband moved between my legs and easily entered me. He was so excited that he came after only a few strokes. After he moved off me I began to dress. I was tearful, both at being taken by Steve with my husband watching, and because I had responded so intensely to the thorough fucking I had experienced.

I had words with Ken over allowing this to happen, allowing Steve to take me, and the two of them working together to seduce me. But I had been satisfied like never before, and I was still tingling, my body still flushed and trembling. I was so weak I was barely able to dress, and I was still tearful as I left them, and went to bed. Soon I heard Steve leaving, and Ken came to our bedroom.

After he got into bed I said, "I can’t believe you let this happen, helping him seduce me, and then giving your own wife to him, allowing him to fuck me. You really wanted that to happen, didn’t you? You know I’ve always been faithful to you, but you weren’t happy with that.

"You wanted to watch your wife being fucked, and he did a good job of it. That’s the first time you’ve ever been cuckolded, and it seems you like the role. You like having Steve plant horns on hour head? I saw the look on your face when he was coming in me, shooting his sperm into me. He really serviced me and you were a willing participant. Maybe I’ll let him do it again, or maybe you want another man to fuck me."

He said, "You really got into it! You really enjoyed it. I also saw the look on your face when you felt him coming in you."

"I never thought that would happen, and yes, I did enjoy it, but I don’t think we should do this again." Then I rolled over and went to sleep.

We didn’t do it again, but the memory kept coming back, remembering how I had been taken and used by our friend, and I would feel myself moistening.

When I saw Steve again, I would become flushed and embarrassed, reliving the scene. So out relationship with him gradually deteriorated, and we got our life back to normal.


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