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Nancy's Walk in the Alley
by Serfer

* Nancy's Walk in the Alley *

My wife's need to fill my desire for her to be laid by a stranger so that I could have sloppy seconds.

It was in the late afternoon when Nancy got home. I met her at the door with a kiss and quick feel of her crotch.

"How was it today?" I asked as she came into the house.

"OK." She replied

"We were short a nurse as usual." She said as she kissed me and gave me a playful squeeze of my dick.

"You know today is the day I planed to take you to Norfolk to do your alley way walk." I said smiling.

Nancy just looked at me and said, "Yes, I know." She smiled.

"OK." I said. "You go and get a hot bath and I'll get dinner for you, then we can get going, ok?"

Nancy said, "That sounds nice what's for dinner?"

"Steak and pasta salad?"

"That sounds good hon."

I started working on dinner and Nancy went to the bathroom to bath.

Every thing was working out the kids were spending the night at their friends and the weather was warm. I had this fantasy of Nancy walking almost nude through an alley and taking her chances with what ever was in the alley. Tonight we were going to Norfolk and find an alley and just let her walk down it as I waited at the other end.

I had bought her a nighty, to wear as she did her walk and I was going to videotape her as she entered and also as she exited the alley. Of course I was going to check it out first to make sure it was safe and then do the tape.

Nancy and I finished dinner and I watched as she got dressed in the nighty that I had bought. Boy was she hot, her large breast fill the teddy top and her round ass was just perfect in the thong bottoms. I gave her my leather jacket to wear over the outfit.

We got into the van and I drove to the old Downtown area of Norfolk. As we drove around we both kept an eye out for just the right alley for the walk. It took us about 15 minutes of driving before I found the perfect alley It was at Onle and Church Street. The alley kind of cut zigzag between these two streets and was somewhat well lit.

"How's this look honey?" I asked Nancy

"It looks OK I guess." She said looking down the lightly littered alley.

I parked on the side of the street and got out of the van. "Honey, stay here and I'll walk down the alley and make sure its clear." I got out and walked down the alley to where the alley turned and I could see the other end. Located at the turn in the ally were some discarded office desks and cabinets.

I walked back to the van and got back in. Nancy asked, "How was it?"

"Not to bad, it's lit and where the alley turns there are some cabinets and office desks," I replied.

"Ben, are you sure you want me to do this?"

"Yes, it'll be sexy and exciting just take your time walking and I'll meet you on the other side."

"OK." She said and leaned over and kissed me.

I reached into the jacket she was wearing and fondled her breast as we kissed and then she opened the van door and got out.

Nancy handed me the coat though the van passenger side window and stood by the van for a minute just in the nighty and high heels, looking down the alley. The warm summer night breeze blew gently through her hair and fluffed the nighty up over her creamy white thighs. She took a deep breath looked over her shoulder at me and said.

"See you on the other side Honey," Nancy said, then she waked off into the alleyway.

I started the van and drove to the other side of the block where Nancy was to come out at.

As Nancy walked she could feel the night air gently blowing through the nighty and she felt the coolness on her exposed pussy and nipples. It was just cool enough to make her nipples stand out as large as buttons. As she walked through the filthy alley, Nancy was just getting close to the turn in the alley here the office desks were located when she spotted the three men leaning against the wall. She stopped and stood looking at them for a minute before the tallest one spoke.

"Man do you see what I see?" The tall black man said to the shorter of the other two.

Nancy just stood watching as the three men approached her.

She knew she couldn't hide or run in the high heels so she decided to ride out what ever happen.

"This naked woman is trying to go down our alley with out paying the toll." The black man said. Nancy decided to take the first step and said. "I was not. I'd pay the toll if I knew what it was."

"OK, the toll is that you've got to fuck us to go by."

The second man, who was a Porte Rican, said, "Yea said the black man you got to fuck us." He smiled and added, "All three of us."

"OK," Nancy said, "which one of you wants to fuck me first?" Nancy smiled as she realized that at last she was going to give her husband what he had wanted for a long time. She was going to let him have sloppy seconds, no not seconds, sloppy fourths.

Nancy walked over to the office desk and swiped off the junk that was on top of it, then as the three guys watched, she laid out some newspapers on top of the desk and then stepped out of her thong. Nancy then lay back on to the desk reached down between her legs and spread open her pussy lips and told the men, "OK who's first."

The black man reached down and un-did his zipper and let his pants fall to the ground. He kicked off his shoes and stepped out of them and stood between Nancy's legs. Nancy was really shaking now, she knew she was going to get fucked by three guys and that the first one had a huge dick. She could see that the black's dick was at least nine inches long and looked about as thick as Ben's forearm. Nancy licked her trembling lips and waited as the black man positioned the head of his dick near her held open pussy. She jumped a little as he started pushing the head of his black dick into her. She felt her pussy stretch as the large black dick plowed into her body.

Nancy grunted as the dick's pressure increased inside her, she reached up and took hold of his arms and repositioned her butt on the desk and opened her legs even wider as the dick was pushed even deeper into her. Nancy her closed her eyes until she felt a hand squeezing her breasts and she saw that other black man was now fondling her breast through one side of the nighty and the Porte Rican was doing the same on the other side.

Nancy looked down between her raised legs and watched the long black dick finally stop pushing in. It was all the way inside and was now being rhythmically pumped in and out of her. As the black man fucked her faster and faster she could feel her self being rocked faster back and forth, the other black man and Porte Rican were holding her down on the desk as she was being fucked.

Then suddenly she felt the black man push his dick all the way in to the point Nancy felt his black balls against her anus. She felt the first shots of sperm as the black dick pulsed inside her pussy. Nancy felt his balls as they contracted against her ass and the warm liquid pulsing out of his dick that was buried in her pussy. He kept his dick buried inside until it had stopped spurting sperm and had started to deflate.

The man was lying on top of Nancy and she could feel his breathing and heart beat. She took hold of his shoulders and pushed him away asking, "OK if you're done fucking me, how about letting the other guys get their turns?" Nancy said as the black man pulled his dick out of her pussy.

The next man to fuck Nancy was the Porte Rican. She felt that her pussy was stretched wide open and empty. Nancy could actually feel a slight breeze in the opening of her pussy. She also felt the black man's sperm as it leaked out of her pussy and ran down into her butt crack. But the empty feeling was short lived as the Porte Rican got between her legs with his erect dick and it slid into her sopping pussy.

This guy was in a hurry to get his dick into Nancy. He rammed his dick into her pussy to the hilt and then grabbed Nancy's shoulders for leverage as he pounded his dick into her. Nancy felt the dick starting to pump sperm almost immediately as her pussy was assaulted. She rocked back and forth with each thrust and she heard a slurping sound as the dick was pushed in and pulled out of her now gaping pussy.

With her legs being up in the air so long they were starting to get tired so Nancy reached up to grab hold of her knees to support them this also gave the Porte Rican better access to her pussy. He said, "Thanks honey I'm going to fill you up now." He grunted between each thrust.

Nancy felt his dick starting to pulse out sperm and the hot thick liquid was being squeeze out around the dick as he pushed it in and out of her pussy and dropping into Nancy's ass crack. The guy had stopped thrusting and was now pushing hard in to Nancy's pussy as the last of his sperm pulsed in to her body. Nancy was now getting tired after having being fucked twice as the Porte Rican pulled out. Nancy was panting and trying to catch her breath as she lay, sprawled on top of the desk.

With an effort Nancy pushed herself up onto her elbows and looked at the last toll collector who just smiled at her with his yellow teeth. "OK now it's your turn to fuck me," Nancy said as he walked over to her.

The last of the three said as he dropped his pants to the ground and stepped out of them, "You can turn over and lay on your stomach and I'll get mine from behind."

Nancy smiled and said, "OK but don't fuck me in the ass all right?"

"Oh, OK I just want your pussy any way," he said as Nancy turned over.

Now lying on her stomach Nancy felt the last black man guide his long narrow dick in to her pussy. She braced her self up right on her elbow and looked down between her legs and watched the guy's balls as they swung back and forth as his dick plowed into her pussy. Nancy also saw the other two loads of sperm flow out of her pussy and dripped onto the ground in big glistening globs.

She felt the young guy's dick as it plowed into her reaching the top of her pussy with each push. Within minutes of starting Nancy felt the boy push hard and let out a groan as his dick started pulsing sperm into her already full pussy. Nancy pushed back against him and felt his dick pressing the top of her pussy again.

"OK are you three finished fucking me?" Nancy asked as the boy pulled his dick from her pussy.

"Yea I guess were finished," the tall black man said talking for the other two guys.

Nancy turned around and leaned against the desk She could see all three of the toll collectors with their limp dicks shining wet from the fucking they had just had. Nancy then looked down at her legs and saw the slimy wetness of the sperm that had been smeared on her from the triple fucking she had just had. She thought of the pleasure Ben was going to have when he got his turn to fuck her at home.

"Thanks for the fuck," Nancy said as she reached down and picked up her thong. "I hope that I paid the toll in full," she said as she unwound the small tangle of underwear.

Nancy stepped into the leg openings of the thong and pulled it up to her sperm soaked pussy and carefully placed the crotch portion over her gaping pussy hole so that none of the sperm now stored inside of her pussy would leak out and pulled them up tight. Nancy then looked over at the three spent fuckers and asked, "Is it OK for me to pass now?"

The tall black man said, "Yea, sure go-ahead honey."

Nancy then turned, and on unsteady legs walked off down the alleyway towards the waiting van at the other end.

I was starting to get worried because it was taking so long for Nancy to come out of the alley. Then I saw her walking towards the street. As she got closer I could tell she was unsteady on her feet. I rolled down the window and asked, "Honey are you OK?"

"Yea, I'm OK," she said as she got to the passenger door. "You might want to put a towel on the seat before I sit down, I've got a pussy full of sperm."

"What?" I asked.

"Three guys in the alley just fuck me and my pussy is full of black and Porte Rican sperm," she replied. "Great," I said and got a towel and spread it out on the seat.

Nancy got in and I could see that her inner thighs were wet and slimy looking and her pussy was full by how wet her thong was.

"How was it I asked as I drove towards home?"

"Not to bad," Nancy said. "At first I was somewhat afraid but after I stretch out on the desk and started getting fucked by the first guy it started feeling good."

I looked over towards Nancy and could see in her expression that she was pleased with the way she handled the three guys and that she was also very tired.

"The third guy was a Porte Rican, by his accent, and boy did he fuck me hard. The third was a black kid about 15 or 16 years old and he fucked me from behind. He had the longest dick and the biggest load of sperm that he fucked into me."

I pulled into our driveway and stopped and got out and went around to Nancy's side and helped her out of the van. We went into the house and I helped her to our bed. It took me a few minutes to get her out of the torn and filthy nighty and then I carefully took off the thong undies from her wet and sticky legs. Nancy was lying there with her legs out stretched and wide showing thick sperm dribbling out of her pussy and a growing wet patch on the bed.

Nancy smiled and positioned the pillows behind her back and said. "Ben, that was the most exciting and sexy thing I have ever done." Every time she moved more sperm would flow out of her pussy. I looked down at her dirty face and body, which was cover in smudges and red scrapes. I knew I just had to fuck that used pussy that had just an hour ago had three strange dicks fucking it. "Nancy, if your up to it Id like to fuck you now wile the sperm inside you is still hot."

"Sure Honey," she said, "I hope you aren't disappointed that I don't participate all that much, I'm just fucked out."

I instantly took off my cloths and got on top of her "Thanks for doing this honey," I said.

Nancy replied in dreamy voice, "Honey you just go ahead and fuck me and enjoy your sloppy fourths."

I then shoved my dick into her gaping wet pussy and it felt so good having my wife and knowing that three other guys had just fuck her. My dick had no trouble in entering. Nancy's pussy was so slimy and full that I was like a sump pump every time I pull out a large flow of sperm would come out onto the bed. My dick was covered with stranger's sperm and felt good. I finally came and pushed hard into her as my sperm mixed with the three other loads in her pussy.


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