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Innocence Lost - 1 by Tim S. (

* Innocence Lost - 1 *


The joyful loss of innocence of a little boy due to the actions of his best friend, his father and others.


It was a cloudy day and cold. Not ice cold, but cold enough to be uncomfortable. It was pre-spring (or post- winter) and there was no snow. It was just cold. My neighbor and best friend, Jimmy, age six while I was just four, and I were playing outside and he invited me into his house.

Well, Jimmy had the coolest toys, so I ran into the house with him. Jimmy and his dad, Bob, occupied what was essentially the basement of a house that the owners renovated into an apartment. It was always kind of dark and cluttered in there. I don't remember Jimmy's mother, so I assume that it was just they two. Bob was sitting on a worn, beaten up green vinyl chair with his feet on the ottoman. He was slouched down, drinking a beer and watching a football game.

Jimmy took me to his room and we played with his "shooting gallery" game which had a plastic fence with plastic cans on it and a rifle that shot beams of light. When you'd hit it just right, the cans would jump up and fall off as if they'd been shot. Way too cool. When we became bored with that and his Evil Kenevil stunt bike set, we went back to the living room.

Jimmy laid with his stomach on the floor, head on his hands which rested on crooked elbows. I was without any other place to sit, so Bob moved his feet off of the ottoman and invited me to sit there. I sat next to his feet and soon began asking questions about what was happening on the T.V. I kept asking questions like, "What is offsides?" and "Who's the guy in the striped shirt?" and "What's a touchdown?" Bob patiently explained everything to me.

During the commercial he got up to pee and came back wearing only his tightie-whitie "Fruit of the Loom" briefs.

"I need another beer," he said "anyone else want one?" I looked to Jimmy for a sign that he was kidding.

"Sure, dad, I'll take one."

"Timmy?" Bob asked.

"Ok, sure." Bob was certainly one hell of a cool dad! He came back with three Buds in the can, gave one to Jimmy and one to me, before sitting down again, his bare feet occupying the space on the ottoman that my little butt did not. We drank our beers and all had another one before the game was over.

"Timmy, do want to stay for dinner?" Bob asked.

"Sure!" Cool. Definitely a cool dad. He called my parents and they approved. Bob made us some sandwiches and came back saying,

"Now that we're going to be here for a while, why don't you guys get comfortable like me?" Jimmy got up and took off his clothes except for his underwear and I followed suit, feeling slightly out of place in me "Flash" underoos bottoms. Bob also brought us some more beer while we watched the post game show. When I finished eating, the combination of the beer and the post game show had me sort of sleepy and I began to nod off. Bob noticed this and grabbed me around the waist, dragged me over to his lap and began to tickle me.

Bob's hand crawled all over my body, tickling any part of me that they came into contact with. I squirmed around in his lap as his hands caught the insides of my thighs and worked their hilarious magic. When he finally stopped, he had his erect penis lying up the inside of my butt- crack. I shifted around on it, unsure of what I was sitting on. When I got up I saw... well, I wasn't sure of what I was looking at, because I'd never seen a man's erection before. It was running up the pouch of his underwear with the head just barely peeking out the top.

"What is that?" I asked, pointing at it.

"That's my penis." Bob said proudly as he stood up and lowered his underwear for me to see. "You have one, too." With that he reached over, put his hand in my underwear and fished out my small, erect penis. I stood there comparing the two. "Don't worry, yours will grow as big as mine soon. Maybe even bigger!"

"Yeah?" I was very excited.

"Have you ever played with it?" He asked. I shook my head no.

"Really? It's so much fun! My dad and I play with ours all of the time!" Jimmy chimed in.

"Do you want to play with us?" Bob asked. Well, if Jimmy, the coolest person in the world that I knew- and Bob, the coolest dad ever- liked to play with their penises, then I wanted to try it, too.

"Sure!" was all I could say.

"Take him to my room, Jimmy. I'll lock the door and take care of things in here." As Jimmy dragged my from the room I saw Bob lock the door and close the shades.

Bob's room was a mess. Dirty clothes on the floor, a bed with no top sheet; only a bundled up blanket, and a night stand with one lamp and an ashtray on it. Jimmy jumped onto the bed, not caring that it's lone bottom sheet was dirty and stained. He took of his underwear and turned on the dim lamp. "Turn off the lights and get on!" he told me.

I flipped the light switch and the lamp cast a soft, dark glow across the room. I climbed on the bed, leaving my innocence on the floor in the guise of some red and yellow "Flash" underoo bottoms.

Bob came in the room carrying three more beers and wore nothing except a smile and an erect penis that bobbed with each step. He put the beers on the night stand and asked if I had ever smoked.

"No, but my parents do."

"Do you want to try?" he asked.

"Sure." I said as Bob pulled some stuff from the night stand and rolled it into a cigarette. I didn't know what it was then, but now I know that he rolled us a joint. He lit it up and toked from it before passing it to Jimmy and then to me. Jimmy's dad was just too cool.

"Just put it between your lips and suck in." I did and ended up coughing up a lung. Bob told me not to suck so hard and told me to try again. I did and the world began to spin. Imagine what a four year old smoking a joint feels like, because I can't possibly describe it. Needless to say, it felt good. We passed it around. To me nothing in the world was wrong. Nothing could be.

I was sitting on a floating bed with Jimmy and his dad. Nothing could feel better than this. That was when Bob helped me to lay on my back and took my small erect penis into his mouth. I was wrong. This felt better. Jimmy sat idly by waiting for his turn, slowly stroking his penis. Bob drove me crazy, sucking and licking on me. We he came up for air, he asked me if I wanted to try it.

"Sure." was all I could gasp out.

"Go ahead Jimmy." Bob said as Jimmy moved toward me and lay back. I sat up and began to pleasure him. Bob sat there, smiling and stroking himself. After a while, he picked me up, turned me around and laid me on top of Jimmy so that we ended up in a 69 position. Again, nothing could beat this pleasure- Jimmy suckling me as I suckled him. Again I was wrong.

Bob watched us, pleasuring himself all the while. Soon he got behind me. At once he began to lick and kiss my anus, at times sticking his tongue inside. Like I said, I was wrong. This beat anything else to this point. After a short while of this, Bob dug in the night stand again, this time producing a bottle of Vaseline, which he used to lubricate his pinkie finger.

"Timmy, I'm going to try something else. It might hurt at first, but trust me, it will feel incredible. Wanna try it?" My mouth was full of Jimmy at this point, so I shook my head "Yes." In the meantime I was trying to get a rhythm going as I pleasured Jimmy. He was going at it very well, as if he had plenty of practice. Bob rubbed some Vaseline on my rectum and began sliding his pinkie finger into me, coaching me as it entered.

"Now relax. No, no, don't squeeze it. Then it will just hurt more. Yes, there you go. Not much left, now. Come on. Almost there. Good job!" So there I was with Bob's pinkie in my rectum, Jimmy's penis in my mouth, my penis in Jimmy's mouth, Bob's hand rubbing his cock and then Bob started sucking on my miniature scrotum. That was it. It could never get any better.

Sure, Bob's finger hurt at first, but now it was feeling darn good. And it made him so happy that when he asked if I wanted to try a different finger in my ass I was all too happy to let him. Again he was so proud of me, taking his index finger inside like that? Well, I was such a good boy! I liked that. I liked it so much that I begged Bob to let me suck him. He finally agreed and set me up in a 69 on top of him so he could still pleasure me with his finger. He also warned me that he might orgasm.

"See, men like us (I was a man? Pride swelled within me) can only take so much pleasure before we orgasm, or cum. We squirt white liquid out of our penises. No, it's not pee. It's called jizz or cum. If you want I can cum in your mouth so you can see what it's like. It tastes weird at first, but it's good. And it feels so good when you cum- you're too young to do it yet, but someday... Trust me."

Well, Bob would surely never lie to me, would he? And if making him cum would make him happy, then that's just what I was going to do. While I took his penis in my mouth, Jimmy crawled between his father's legs and began licking his father's scrotum. Bob was already moaning.

"God, Timmy, that's good. Try to take in as much as you can, but don't take too much or you'll choke. Yeah, yeah, like that! Just like that! Now wrap your lips around your teeth. Jimmy show him what I mean. See? Like that. Now put it back in your mouth and bite down a little bit. Oh, yes. God yes! Like that! Just like that!"

I was going to town on him while Jimmy began to lick and finger Bob's rectum. Meanwhile, Bob had switched his index finger for his middle finger and continued his assault on my virginity.

"God, Timmy, you are making me feel so good. Ah, yes. (That pride was there again.) Ok, hold on, I'm going to try my thumb. C'mon son, let me in. Good boy, God you are so good." He eventually got his whole thumb in there and his moaning almost instantly increased. "God, Timmy, I'm going to cum. You are so good at this, you are making me cum already. God, yes, yes. Take it in your mouth. I want to cum in your mouth, ok? It'll feel so good cumming in your mouth. Ready? Ok. Ah, yes, ahhh..."

His semen gushed from his penis into my small mouth, filling it almost instantly. I tried to swallow it, but it began leaking out, because his orgasmic thrashing kept breaking the seal. But Jimmy was there to back me up, licking up whatever I let escape. When Bob was done and began going limp, we continued to lick his penis, trying to get every drop.

We were fiercely fighting to see who could collect the most. Eventually we had gotten all that we could find when Jimmy grabbed my head and stuck his tongue in my mouth, forcing it open to let everything he had lapped up flow into my mouth. After that, Bob removed his thumb and we all collapsed onto the bed. "Time for a shower!" he announced.

We all headed for the bathroom and Bob grabbed the Vaseline as he followed us.

"This'll make it extra slippery." he told me. Jimmy and I climbed into the tub. Bob turned on the water and joined us. "Do you know how you made me feel, Timmy?" I shook my head "No."

"One of these days, you'll cum, and then you'll finally understand. Are you tired, or do you want to play some more?" I was so excited that I had made him feel so good that I cheerfully offered him more. "Good, ‘cause I'm not done yet." Jimmy looked at me with a smile on his face. Obviously he was glad to hear this. Bob jumped out of the shower and quickly returned with the Vaseline. He told Jimmy and I to rub it on each other. We each scooped up the jelly and began rubbing it on to each other's wet bodies. Soon we both glistened. Bob penis began to rise again.

"Damn that looks so hot!" he said. I didn't know what that meant, but I thought that it must be good, so I continued. Jimmy and I were now both hard as well, seeing as we were both rubbing Vaseline onto each other's penises. We took great pleasure in rubbing it on each other. Bob scooped up the Vaseline and began to rub it on each of our anuses. Jimmy and I let him have his pleasure as he stuck first one and then two fingers into each of us.

Jimmy and I were both now quite slippery and excited so we started to rub our bodies against one another, reveling in the feeling. Bob then adjusted himself so that his penis was between Jimmy's and my face. Soon we began to lick and suck on it, our tongues intertwining in the process. We deeply kissed each other with Bob's penis sliding in- between our open mouths. He started to work a third finger into both of us as he pumped his penis between us.

"God, Jimmy, I don't know what I'd do without you. And Timmy. God, yes. You know just what spots to hit on me. I'm going to cum again boys. Just keep doing what you're doing. It feels so good, my God. Let's see who can get me off. I'll let Jimmy suck on me for thirty seconds and then Timmy. The winner gets my cum, ok?"

He didn't wait for us to agree. He maneuvered his penis into Jimmy's mouth, who kept sucking away at him. After what must have been thirty seconds, he shifted my way and I greedily took him into my mouth. I wanted to be the winner of this game. I was desperate to let him cum in my mouth. What I would have done to swallow his orgasm. I must admit that I did (and still do) like the taste of semen, so I was dying to again taste his.

After another half a minute, he switched again, filling Jimmy's mouth with his penis, all the while trying to get all three fingers into us. I think he was all of the way in Jimmy, but he was struggling to fill my tight ass. He kept at it, switching back an forth, praising the boy whose mouth he was in. He was also reassuring the one without it, telling us that it was soon to be our turn, and that he was getting very close.

Finally the time came. He was moaning and thrusting into Jimmy's mouth, praising him for the good job he was doing. He then unceremoniously switched to my mouth. I was dying to taste his cum and I worked on him furiously. He was moaning louder and said that it was almost here. I worked even harder to get that cum out of him.

"Oh, yeah, Timmy, I'm going to cum in your mouth. Mmm. Yeah. God, yes. This is going to feel so good. Yessssss. Ah." And with that, he came. I swallowed his entire load. It was my prize, wasn't it? He tasted so good as I ate him up and like a starving calf, sucked for more. When he had no more to give, I moaned in disappointment.

"Don't worry, Timmy, I'm not done yet. There's more where that came from, if you want. Hey, do you want to sleep over?"


I couldn't answer his question right away, because my mouth was now full of Jimmy's tongue who was desperately trying to catch the remnants of my "prize." But when he had cleaned my mouth thoroughly (under Bob's watchful, lust filled eyes) I was able to stutter a yes.

"Good. Then let's get out so I can call your parents." he said, turning off the water. We all climbed out and Bob started patting us dry. He wanted us to stay nice and slick, he explained, that's why he wasn't drying us totally.

"What about you?" I asked, "Don't you want to be slippery, too?" Bob smiled at me and said it was a good idea. He reached for the Vaseline so that we could rub him down before he got too dry. Jimmy and I coated him from head to toe in the Vaseline, saving his groin for last.

I got the honor of slicking up his cock, while Jimmy had the pleasure of lubing his ass. He quickly told us to both stop before he got too excited again, and that we should take the rest of the Vaseline to his bedroom while he called my folks. Jimmy and I ran to climb in his bed while he headed for the phone in the living room. He came back, beaming.

"You parents said that you could spend the night, Timmy. They even asked if I could watch you tomorrow while they go do some stuff together. Would you like that?" I nodded my head as fiercely as I could. "I told them not to worry about clothes, because I had some old stuff of Jimmy's you could use. That way no one will interrupt us. Cool, huh?" Jimmy and I both agreed- Bob was very cool. He climbed up onto he bed and grabbed the untouched beers that were still resting on the night stand. He cracked them open and handed one to each of us.

"Drink up. We can take a break now that there isn't any rush." he said, looking at me and smiling. "So, Timmy did you like what we've been doing?"

"A lot." I said.

"Good. ‘Cause, you don't say much when we're doing it, so I thought you were afraid, or something. A man like you isn't afraid of me, are you?"

"No. I just don't know what to say."

"Oh, ok. You probably just don't know the right words. Let me help." He grabbed his penis. "This is a penis. But you can also call it a cock, dick, dong, schlong, shaft, or whatever. I prefer cock and dick." Then he rubbed his scrotum.

"This is a scrotum. But you can also say nut sack, or just sack. The hard things inside of it are called testicles. But you can call them nuts or balls. Most people call them balls. That's where my cum comes from before it shoots out my cock head. And the hole in the back is your rectum or anus. Most people just call it an asshole. And it its covered by your ass cheeks. The whole thing together is just called an ass. Oh, and these are nipples. They are also sensitive and feel good when you lick or suck on them. Wanna see?"

I shook my head yes as he moved down to suck my inverted nipples. It did feel good.

"Here you try it on mine. Yeah, that's it. Softly. Watch the teeth. Good. So what's this again?"


"Good, and this?"


"Yup. And what's in a sack?"

"Balls. Where the cum comes from."

"You got it. And this?" He asked as he rolled me over and began licking on me.

"That's my asshole. And it feels real good when you play with it."

"It feels good to me, too. And Jimmy. Why don't you lick Jimmy's asshole while I lick yours. It's called a rim-job. And when you suck on a dick it's called a blow job." Jimmy maneuvered so that I could give him a rim- job. I liked doing this as much as everything else.

"You do this to get your ass wet and slippery so that a man can put his dick in there. You are still a little tight for me yet, but you can probably fit Jimmy's dick in there. Wanna try?" I shook my head, not really wanting to stop rimming Jimmy.

"Ok, we'll try that in a little bit. See I've been working on Jimmy's ass so that I can fit my cock inside of him. All you gotta do is stretch it out. We could start stretching you if you want so that I could eventually get my dick in you. Wanna try?" Again with the head shake.

"Cool. Hold on I'll get the butt plug." He reached into the night stand and produced a very small, football shaped thing with a "T" on the bottom. "This is called a butt-plug.

When I put it in your ass, it will start to stretch you out so that we can eventually get a good sized cock up there. Trust me, it feels good. Doesn't it Jimmy?" Jimmy agreed with his father. Bob lubed up the butt- plug and slid it inside of me. It felt real uncomfortable at first, but I quickly got used to it.

"You like it?" I shook my head.

"Ok, stop rimming Jimmy and drink your beers, boys. Let Timmy stretch. And I'm starting to lose my buzz. Let me roll us another smoke. And then we'll see what else we can do tonight."

I begrudgingly pulled away from Jimmy and drank my beer down in large gulps, which Bob told us to do. It was another game, to see which of us could finish first. Meanwhile he rolled two large, thick joints and when we were finished, got us both another beer. He came back and lit up one of the joints and this time I got to smoke it first, because I had won our beer- drinking contest.

I drew hard on it, remembering how good it made me feel the last time. We were all buzzing pretty well, by the end of the first, but Bob still lit up the second one. When I hesitated, he asked me if I was afraid of feeling good, ‘cause that was all the smoking would do to me. And a brave man like me shouldn't be afraid of doing anything. That did it. I toked harder on that joint than I had the first two. Bob was impressed and proud of me for it.

We kept drinking the beers and smoking the joint until both were gone. And so were we. Much of the rest of that night is a blur, but I remember enough to know that it was fun. I'll relate what I can remember. It started back up when Bob decided to show me how to properly kiss him and Jimmy.

I had to be sure to not kiss anyone else like this, because they wouldn't like it. He pressed his lips to mine, his five o'clock shadow bushing my peach- fuzzed cheek. He put his hand on the back of my head and pulled my face to his as his tongue slithered its way into my mouth. I grabbed at his head, pulling him deeper into me as we collapsed onto the bed with Bob on top. He was very careful to not crush me with his weight. We kissed passionately while Jimmy moved behind his dad and began to give him a good rim-job.

I broke the kiss first because I wanted a taste of Bob's cock. I slid down underneath him until I was at the right level and began sucking him. He told me to turn around so that he could play with my special parts. I swung my legs around and his hand grasped my swollen little cock.

In this position I could clearly see Jimmy as his tongue dove in and out of his dad's now loosened asshole. He bent further over and began sucking his dad's sack while putting his fingers in his dad's ass.

"Yeah, son, go for it. I want to feel all of you in me. Stretch it out. Ah, yes. Push it in- your whole hand, yeah." Jimmy got up to put some Vaseline on his hand and Bob began to praise me.

"Good God, Timmy. You are great at this. It feels so good having you suck my cock like that. Now watch what Jimmy's doing. You can do it, too. If you'd like. But don't stop sucking me. God, yes."

In the meantime, Jimmy had returned, his hand a mass of jelly. He started by rubbing it onto his dad's asshole and then started pushing. First with three fingers, then four, then his whole hand was in Bob's ass. He started thrusting it in and out as far as it would go, which was almost to his elbow.

Every time he thrust in, Bob's cock jumped in my mouth while Bob grunted and groaned. He seemed to be enjoying it greatly, but he made Jimmy stop after a short while. "Jimmy, I want to see you pop Timmy's cherry."

He grabbed the lube and told Jimmy to rim me first. Jimmy dove between my legs with a gusto and slowly slid the butt-plug out. He licked, nibbled, kissed and stabbed at my virgin ass with his tongue and teeth. Bob climbed over me and sucked my cock hard and fast.

I stretched to reach his with my mouth, but to no avail. I had to be content to just jack him off. Bob gave Jimmy's face a gentle push as he reached down to lube up my asshole. He slid his finger in and out slowly, getting me good and slick as he swallowed Jimmy's cock. Then it was time. He grasped Jimmy by his cock and guided it into me.

"This might hurt at first, but just keep at it, and you'll be in heaven, Timmy. I'll be here to help you. Ok, Jimmy, go ahead." Jimmy pushed what little weight he had down into me, and his cock slid in with it. The stabbing pain I felt at first quickly subsided as Bob leaned down and took my cock into his mouth. He shook his head at Jimmy who slowly started to pump in and out of me.

Bob was sucking me in time with Jimmy's thrusts and all of a sudden it started feeling really good. Jimmy's cock kept sliding against something in there that made my cock jump as Bob's had. Bob then arched his back for me so that I could get him in my mouth. And everything became right with the world.

After a few minutes Jimmy picked up his tempo until he was really trusting hard into me. It hurt a bit, but the somewhat of a 69 that Bob and I had going relieved any of my pains. Bob's mouth was all over my genitalia, kissing, licking, and probing. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and asked me to see if I could reach his asshole so that I could play with it.

Sadly, I could not, so Bob sat up and adjusted himself so that he was straddling my face. I dove into him with my tongue. I knew what happened down there, but I wasn't disgusted by the prospect at all. All I wanted to do was make him feel as good as I had when Jimmy was rimming me. He leaned over a little and began kissing his son and jacking on my cock. He shifted up a bit more towards Jimmy and asked me to put my hand in his ass.

He showed me how to shape my little fingers so that they all touched to make it easier to get inside of him. I worked my hand into him as best as I could, but after a short while he grabbed it and forced it all into his ass. It was so warm in there as his anal ring clamped down on my wrist. I tried to pump my hand in and out as Jimmy had done, but I kept getting hung up. He told me to make a fist and try it again. I did, and it worked perfectly.

"Ah, Timmy, ah, yes, so good. Keep working that fist in me. It feels like a large cock inside of there. God, yes." He kept jerking on my minuscule manhood as he drove his tongue into his son's mouth. This just caused Jimmy to heat up and intensify his attack on me. Shortly Jimmy leaned down and started sucking his father's throbbing cock.

This drove Bob into a frenzy of activity. He reached his other hand around and started fingering Jimmy's asshole. His breathing and moaning increased. His stroking of my cock kicked into overdrive and soon he was saying that he was going to cum. He told Jimmy to pull out of me and turn around. I felt so empty and hollow when Jimmy removed himself from me. He positioned Jimmy in a high doggie style position and Bob began jacking his own cock with a fervor. He kept telling me to push in harder and faster.

When his time came, he pushed into his son's ass so that the head of his cock started to slide in just a little and unloaded in his son's ass. I saw his cock throb and jerk his delicious cum into his son's ass. I felt him throb and clamp down on my hand as he did so. He groaned and growled with each throbbing squeeze. His jizz filled Jimmy's ass and some of it started to leak out.

He told me to pull my hand from his ass when he was done, and after I did, I pinned Jimmy down so that I could lick the spilled cum off of his ass. Bob told me to lay down and positioned Jimmy so that he was squatting over me. Then he instructed me to start licking Jimmy's ass again slowly and softly so that Jimmy's ass would relax and release his trapped load. I rimmed Jimmy as Bob had said to and in a short while, I felt Jimmy relax his anal ring so that I could dip my tongue into the pool of Bob's cum that awaited there. It tasted more delicious from Jimmy's ass.

Bob lay down and started to doze off. Jimmy and I to lay on either side of him as he kissed us both passionately. "My two little boyfriends." he joked as we all dozed off to sleep.

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