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Hormone Changes
by subtony (

* Hormone Changes *

Chat room fantasy changes an older married male into a real life cum slut sissy.

I reckon it is the change in hormones, or some such thing, that makes older guys like me crave cock. When I was younger I guess you could call me homophobic, but now, well as I mentioned, I feel a need for cum, other men’s cum. Yes I’m married, have children, a bit of a sex life, but not much really. I spend a lot of my time in adult chat rooms and that has been my downfall.

I have always had a reasonably senior position, in charge of others, used to giving orders, but underneath I have also had a desire as a submissive, not just a submissive, but a sissy submissive. This is the way I play when in the chat rooms, using cyber sex to be “used” by real men. Not that I am weak, I stand 5’10” and am slim and fit, I work out several times a week. In the cock area, probably slightly small but not too bad, almost 6” cut. My hair, at 52, is receding and grey. In the chat rooms I always play the submissive, and wear fem undies, no body hair etc. etc.. Well, eventually I chatted with someone not far from where I live. To cut a long story short, I agreed to meet up, not only to meet, but to be wearing the fem undies I described in the chat session.

Of course I didn’t own any, so I bought some. Deep red lace thong panties, matching suspenders and red fishnet stockings. I wore them under track pants, had a pair of runners, a loose jacket and nothing else. The location we agreed on was a very secluded spot outside, next to a river.

It was a fair walk from the parking area, and there were other cars there, so I was very nervous. The person I was to meet, Peter, described himself as a top, 35 year old, blond blue eyes, 6’2” 200lbs. He also claimed to have a 9” fat cock. All kinds of thoughts flooded my mind as I suddenly, virtually fell onto him.

He laughed and easily held me stopping me from falling. Then he suddenly slapped my face, shocking me, he called me names, like slut, faggot, cock sucker. I was quite scarred, but at the same time, I felt my erection grow. He told me to remove my top, and like I was hypnotised, I obeyed.

I do have I guess man tits, even though I work out I have tissue on my tits and nipples more like a woman. He pulled and twisted on them staring into my eyes. I didn’t resist. He moved behind me, stroking me, saying nothing, he pulled my wrists behind then suddenly I heard some clicks, and was handcuffed.

Now I was very nervous, my erection had completely gone, as had my desire to do anything further. You must understand that up until this point I had never even touched another man’s penis, yet here I was, now helpless, with a complete stranger. He pushed me backwards and I fell onto the grass. He pulled off my runners and track suit pants. He smiled and told me I looked like a real cum slut. I stammered a weak protest telling him I had changed my mind, and he just laughed louder.

He surprised me by removing all of my clothing, and this frightened me even more, we were in a public place, and I had a family. He made me stand and he took out a bottle and started rubbing crème all over my body, especially my genitals, but it did nothing to arouse me. After a few minutes my fear increased again, as I heard a sound in the bush, three men appeared. I tried to get away, but of course it was impossible, also impossible to hide my nudity.

However, the men knew Peter, and when they thanked him for finding another slut, I almost passed out. Peter broke my trance like state by telling me I had better clean of my body before the crème had a permanent effect. He pushed me into the river, which was quite cold and when I realised what had happened I was devastated.

All of my body hair was gone, he had put a strong delipidation crème all over me. One of the men had a towel and dried me off, they replaced my female attire.

Peter attached a collar around my neck which had a small chain hanging behind me. To that he fastened the cuffs, pulling my arms up my back, making my “tits” stand out. They all started handling me, calling me names, and to my surprise, it did turn me on, despite my really difficult circumstances.

When one of them felt my erection they all laughed and he pulled it out from under my panties. I was pushed down to kneeling position, and Peter then showed me that he wasn’t exaggerating about his weapon, if anything it was bigger and fatter than he said. My mouth was open at the size, so he took advantage and pushed it into me making me choke and cough to their amusement.

It didn’t last long, and he pulled it out and in front of my face he covered his now hard pole with crème, and I was horrified as I realised what he was about to do. I was pulled up, bent over, another man pushed a fat dirty uncut cock in my mouth then pain like I had never felt made me scream onto the meat invading my throat. Peter rammed hard into my virgin hole, slapping my ass as he did.

They fucked both ends hard and fast giving me just pain and fear of the consequences, no pleasure. It didn’t take them too long, and they seemed to cum in unison. Both of my virgin holes were filled with cum. For the first time, I had tasted and swallowed cum. The man in my mouth made me lick him clean, and I yelped in pain when Peter pulled out of me. He pushed his still large cock in front of my face, it was covered in cum blood and ass slime. He complained of the mess I had made and pushed the foul thing into my mouth.

I tried hard not to vomit and managed to lick him clean. I didn’t think it could get worse until I felt his cock twitch deep in my mouth and then my throat burned with the acrid taste of his urine. They all laughed as I coughed and spluttered, a lot I had to swallow, but a lot also ran down my face soaking my feminine undies. He eventually pulled out and sprayed my face and hair, burning my eyes, even squirting up my nose. I felt so depraved, humiliated and saddened.

While this was going on the other two men had been using a knife to trim some branches. I was again bent at right angles, and my mouth was filled with man cock. They other three then took turns at whipping my defenceless ass with the branches, and kept going until the branches broke and the man had exploded his load in my throat.

After that I was used in real life as a slut just like I had been in the chat rooms. I was devastated, soaked in cum and piss, it was running from my ass and down my face. I thought I had been smart, leaving my wallet i/d etc. in the car, just bringing my car keys. The men all stood up, I was laying on the grass. They had all used me as a toilet, making me drink their piss, they had all used me as their bitch.

I thought it was all over, until the fifth man showed up holding a video and digital camera. The fifth man started using my mouth as I saw one of the other men taking my car keys and my clothing, apart from the fem attire I had on. When the man returned, the fifth man had finished using me. I knew they knew my name address, where I worked, I started sobbing. Peter smiled saying that I was just like a stupid female. he threw me my keys, removed my bondage, and they left me there sobbing.

I had nothing to clean up the cum and piss with , and had to sneak back to my car, and wait until dark before I dared get into it. I was shivering the cum and piss had dried onto me. They hadn’t left my clothes, so I had to drive home almost naked.

Somehow I managed to avoid our teenage children, but not my wife. She caught me grabbing some clothes and trying to get into the bathroom. It was obvious from the smell and the crusted cum, that I was covered in piss and cum. She also saw my hairless body. She had caught me before in the chat sessions, but never expected this. I stammered and sobbed. She was very calm, surprisingly so. She told me to shower, and change. She told me she would wash my new undies, and she took all of my male jocks as I stared at her. She explained that there would be some major changes in our life, starting right now.

I sobbed quietly in the shower, realising that I still had an erection that hadn’t been relieved. I was still sobbing when I reached my orgasm!


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