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A Cold Drive
by Otis Holmes (address withheld)

* A Cold Drive *

A man picks up a hitch-hiker on a cold snowy drive. It may be cold outside but it certainly heats up as the drive proceeds.

I was driving over the mountains through Vermont on a cold snowy January night. It was about 9:30 and I was returning from a business trip in New York. The snow was coming down so hard you could barely see. As I came up the hill past the last little general store I spotted a person standing on the side of the road hitch-hiking. I never pick up hitch-hikers but no-one deserved to be out on a night like that and I knew there was nothing between us and the next town in the valley about 18 miles away.

As the door opened a pleasant enough looking guy of about 20 to 25 smiled and said "Ah man thank you so much, I didn’t think anyone was going to come along". He definitely was not from the States and a strong English accent followed his every word.

I asked him where he was going and he told me that earlier when the weather was nice he had hitched a ride into town to see a buddy who had broken his leg skiing. He was in Vermont working at one of the local ski mountains and was trying to get back to his apartment. I told him I was going his way and it might be a slow ride but I would get him there.

"I don’t care how long it takes he said, at least I’m still not out there." I nodded in knowing agreement and returned my focus to the road. It was very hard to see and we were only going about 20 mph. I apologized for my lack of conversation but told him that I really needed to focus on driving. He said that was fine and again thanked me for picking him up. "I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t come along, I really want to thank you."

We sat in silence for a while with the heat turned up on high to chase the chill from his bones. I was so focused on trying to see the road that I had really forgotten he was even there. Suddenly I felt pressure against the inside of my thigh. I turned my head to see him leaning into me smiling with his right hand sliding down my thigh towards my crotch. "Hey, hey I said, I’m really not into that kind of thing, please don’t do that, and I really need to focus on the road here."

"You focus on the road he said, let me focus on this." With that he squeezed my cock through my pants and lightly kept squeezing and releasing, squeezing and releasing.

"I really don’t want you to do that I said," but my voice faltered and he sensed that I wouldn’t, couldn’t stop him.

He turned his body sideways in the seat and brought his left hand to my pants. I could hear my zipper going down and then I felt the button being released. His hand found its way into my shorts and he began stroking my cock which had become extremely hard.

"Oh you don’t want this," he laughed at me. A moan escaped my lips as he squeezed my cock again, "something tells me otherwise." He told me to lift my ass so he could pull my pants down. When I didn’t respond he took his hand away and asked me if I really wanted him to stop. With out taking my eyes off the road and without saying a word I lifted myself up so he could slide my pants down.

As soon as my weight returned to the seat his hands returned to my cock. "Oh my God," I whispered as he continued stroking me. "Shit that feels so damn good!"

He had one hand slowly jacking up and down my cock. With the other he was lightly rubbing and fondling my balls. I knew with that action I would explode in no time. He sensed or felt my release approaching and lowered his head onto my lap while I continued driving through the snowy night. The warmth and wetness of his mouth quickly brought me towards orgasm. When his tongue lapped the soft underside of my cock all the way to my balls I exploded into his waiting mouth. "My God I exclaimed, that was incredible."

He smiled and assured me that it was.

As my eyes returned to the road you could see the faint lights of the coming town. As I stopped at the first and only stop light, he leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Thanks for the ride man." He reached down and squeezed my still exposed cock and jumped out the door.


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