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Cop Shop
By Belinda (policewomanbelinda@yahoo.com)

* Cop Shop *

Rostered as watch house keeper on nightshift, Constable Traci MARGARSON is alone inside the Sunbury Police Station. Browsing through an old Ribald Magazine that she found in a desk drawer, she is interrupted by a notorious convicted prostitute - Angela PETTINGILL offering the young policewoman a little Policewoman's Discount!

It was getting late. Rostered as watch house keeper on the nightshift, Constable Traci MARGARSON 30084 found herself all alone in the darkened, Sunbury Police Station. Sitting back in her chair, she pushed her paperwork to one side and uttered a soft, girlish sigh. Her skin tingled beneath the flimsy, pale-blue fabric of her tight-fitting, policewoman's blouse.

Claudia had been seconded to the Uniform Branch at Sunbury after her graduation from the Police Training Academy at Glen Waverley - the Sunbury Cop Shop had been her Training Station and now, after successfully completing her operational training, shed been finally transferred officially, to the Uniform Branch... "MMMM," she sighed, toying with the collar of her issue blouse, "I SHOULD BE OUT ON PATROL, TONIGHT!"

Slowly, the young Probationary policewoman ran the tip of her finger along the dark-blue trim of her uniform blouses collar lapel, "IN THE DIVVY VAN WITH CLAUDIA!" she continued.

Closing her eyes, she could feel her nipples hardening under the soft polyester-cotton of her issue blouse. The flimsy, pale-blue fabric caressing them as she thought of kissing her girlfriend as they sat together in the Divvy Van. The young brunette policewoman groaned with frustration.

Constable Claudia DELAHUNTEY 23165 was working the Sunbury Divvy Van with another female police officer - the blonde policewoman had only just transferred to the Sunbury Uniform Branch from the Women Police Division at Avondale Heights.

Almost immediately, Claudia and Jane had developed something of a relationship. Lesbianism had always been tolerated within the Victoria Police and the pair of uniformed policewomen had managed to keep their feelings for each other, hidden from the other police officers with whom they worked at Sunbury.

"YOU DELICIOUS BITCH," the frustrated watch house keeper sighed. Traci could almost taste Claudia's moist lips.

She paused. Reaching down, she opened the bottom drawer of the watch house keeper's desk and retrieved a battered copy of Ribald magazine - the desk drawer was fully of old porno magazines.

"IT MIGHT'VE BEEN FUN WITH CLAUDIA, TONIGHT!" she told herself, opening the magazine - Traci knew instinctively, the page in he battered magazine that she wanted. Licking her moist lips suggestively, she studied the faded picture of a uniformed policewoman kissing a convicted prostitute.


It had all started eighteen months previous. Whilst at the Avondale Heights Women Police Division, Probationary Constable Jane DELAHUNTEY had gained a kinky reputation - the young blonde policewoman had been suspected of moonlighting as a prostitute. She had been unofficially reprimanded over an illicit relationship with a notorious convicted prostitute and been forced to transfer out of the Women Police Division. She had thus arrived at the Sunbury Uniform Branch with a bit of a reputation.

Not long after her transfer to the Sunbury Police Station, the blonde policewoman had caught Traci in the shower - there had been no other female police officer working and they had been all alone in the Female Change rooms upstairs. Trainee Constable Traci MARGARSOON had taken a liking to Claudia. Pausing, the blonde police girl had turned to watch her brunette colleague in the shower.

"YOU DO HAVE A BODY UNDER THAT UNIFORM!" Claudia had whispered. Closing her eyes, Traci had offered a muffled sigh - the young policewoman could almost feel the blonde policewoman's tongue violating her vagina. Claudia had joined her in the shower. It had been so SLUTTY! They had been FLIRTING for most of their Afternoon Shift together.

"MMMM," the young brunette had whispered to her older colleague, "I WANT YOU, CLAUDIA?"

She could feel Claudia's fingertips caressing her trembling breasts - the warm water of the shower cascading all over the blonde policewoman's uniform blouse as she brazenly stepped into the shower cubicle and joined the young trainee.

"OH, TRACI - YOU SEXY BITCH!" Claudia moaned - Traci could almost taste the blonde policewoman's fragrant pussy as she recalled their nocturnal GIRL FUCK in the shower. She regained her senses. The crisp polyester- cotton of her uniform blouse felt soft against her firm, well-rounded breasts. Traci undid another of her uniform blouses buttons - the young Probationary policewoman could almost feel Claudia's moist tongue slipping between her pussy-lips as she sat back in her watch house keeper's chair.

Suddenly, she heard the front door of the police station slide open - the moment was lost! Closing the old Ribald magazine, she opened her eyes and peered through the security window into reception.

"HELLO THERE?" called a familiar female voice - stepping from the murky gloom, Angela PETTINGILL seemed to be looking straight at the young policewoman as she walked from the front door to the reception counter. Traci stood up awkwardly. Although she did not realise it at the time, the young Probationary policewoman reached down and switched the automatic front doors to the Sunbury Cop Shop off. She hesitated.

Watching Angela through the security screen - Angela PETTINGILL was always getting into trouble with the Officer in Charge of the Sunbury Uniform Branch for making nocturnal visits to the Cop Shop.

"GOOD EVENING, MISS MARGARSON - ALL ALONE, TONIGHT?" continued Angela, teasingly. She stood at the reception counter and waited for the young Probationary policewoman to come out of the watch house keeper's officer.

"OH," sighed Traci - she opened the door that led from the watch house keeper's office, "IT'S YOU, ANGELA!"

The young policewoman paused in the doorway. Unaware that, her seductively unbuttoned police-shirt offered Angela a teasing glimpse of her cleavage, she smiled wickedly at the prostitute.

"GOOD EVENING, POLICEWOMAN - ALL ALONE ON NIGHTSHIFT AGAIN?" Angela replied. She had never GIRL FUCKED the gorgeous GIRL COP! They had TONGUE-KISSED passionately at an illicit NIGHTSHIFT BAR-B-QUE - the police radio had brought their illicit KISS to a premature end however.

"MMMM," asked Claudia, folding her arms, "WHAT ARE YOU UP TO, ANGELA?"

The young Probationary knew of Angela's kinky reputation. A convicted prostitute, Angela PETTINGILL frequented the Sunbury Police Station, offering the uniformed policewoman of the Uniform Branch a little, illicit Policewomen's Discount!

"CLAUDIA TOLD ME THAT YOU'D BE ALL ALONE, TONIGHT!" Angela explained, leaning over the reception counter.



Angela hesitated. She savoured the sweet fragrance of the policewoman's seductive perfume - Traci's unbuttoned, uniform blouse was too much temptation for the convicted prostitute.

"YOU WANT IT, CONSTABLE!" she murmured, whispering to the policewoman as she leaned further across the reception counter that separated them. Pressing her moist lips to the policewoman's shirt-covered breasts, she teased at Claudia's hardening nipple through the uniform blouses polyester-cotton, with the tip of her tongue.


"OH," protested Traci, half-heartedly, "MY UNIFORM BLOUSE - NO!"

"I WANT SOME POLICE GIRL PUSSY TONIGHT!" continued Angela, smearing lipstick across the pale-blue fabric of the policewoman's uniform blouse as she teased at Traci's other nipple with the very tip of her tongue.

"PLEASE," the brunette policewoman gasped, closing her eyes, "IM A POLICE OFFICER, ANGELA!"

Angela smiled to herself and carefully pulled the policewoman's issue blouse out from where it had been tucked into her uniform slacks.

"YOU SLUT!" the policewoman groaned.

Traci knew that it was WRONG! The Victoria Police had always tolerated LESBIANISM amongst policewomen - Angela PETTINGILL was a convicted prostitute and Policewomen's Discount was quite TABOO.


"IM SO DAMN RIPE FOR IT, TONIGHT!" the brunette police girl confessed - Angela traced the arable contours of the policewoman's shirt-covered breasts with the tip of her moist tongue. She still remembered their passionate KISS at the NIGHTSHIFT BAR-B-QUE - Traci had watched Angela perform cunnilingus on another policewoman in the back of a Divisional Van at the bar-b-que.


Angela sighed, caressing the soft polyester-cotton of Claudia's uniform blouse as she teased at the policewoman's nipples with her tongue - contrary to regulations, Probationary Constable Traci MARGARSON 20084 wore no bra under her tight-fitting, issue blouse.

"OH, ANGELA!" the policewoman gasped - the lipstick now smeared over her policewoman's blouse, contrasting with the flimsy, pale-blue fabric. She uttered a soft sigh of forbidden delight. She was being seduced by a prostitute - it felt so SLUTTY!

Their lips met in a tender KISS! It was so surreal - shed had a couple of drinks at the NIGHTSHIFT BAR-B-QUE and had let the notorious convicted prostitute TONGUE-KISS her in the empty Female Cells.

"YOU DELICIOUS BITCH, CONSTABLE!" Angela sighed, whispering into the policewoman's ear as their moist lips parted - it was well after midnight and the Divvy Van was attending to a DOMESTIC within the Goonawarra Estate. The nightshift DUTY OFFICER had been and there was nobody about to disturb them. Like Angela, the young brunette policewoman still remembered that nocturnal KISS at that NIGHTSHIFT BAR-B-QUE!

Angela slipped her hands around the policewoman as their lips met in another passionate KISS - the policewoman's tongue slipped between the prostitutes trembling lips. Their tongues entwined. The police station echoed with the delightfully lewd sounds of illicit sex.

"OH, ANGELA!" the policewoman sighed, whispering to the convicted prostitute as their moist lips parted again - Claudia teased at Angela's earlobe with the tip of her tongue. The small diamond pendant that Claudia wore, glittered in the reflected glare from the fluorescent lights above the reception counter.

"PLEASE!" Traci continued, barely able to speak. Leaning further across the counter, Angela traced the outline of the plastic nametag pinned to the front of the policewoman's police-shirt with the tip of her tongue.

Traci hesitated. She stepped back from Angela and slowly unbuttoned her uniform blouse - the young Probationary policewoman knew that it was so WRONG! The convicted prostitute had been BUSTED for SHOPLIFTING and Senior Constable Claudia DELAHUNTEY 23165 had convinced the Officer in Charge to issue Angela with an official CAUTION in lieu of a Theft Charge - the notorious Angela PETTINGILL had become a sort of unofficial GROUPIE to the uniformed policewomen of the Sunbury COP SHOP.

"WE HAVE ALL NIGHT, POLICEWOMAN!" Angela murmured, whispering into Traci's ear reassuringly. The prostitute had spoken to Claudia earlier. And, the blonde policewoman had invited her to FUCK the gorgeous watch house keeper - Angela owed Claudia a favour.


Much to the chagrin of the Officer in Charge of the Sunbury Police Station, the convicted prostitute frequented the COP SHOP - Senior Sergeant Barry PRESTON did not like a convicted prostitute offering pussy to his policewoman.

"ANGELA," The young policewoman groaned. It was quite late. And, they were all alone inside the Cop Shop.

"JUST THINKING ABOUT THAT KISS IN THE FEMALE CELLS, IS MAKING ME ALL WET!" Angela confessed - the policewoman pulled her unbuttoned police-shirt from where it had been tucked into her uniform slacks and smiled. Opening her unbuttoned uniform blouse, she revealed that she wore no bra underneath.

"MMMM," Traci teased, licking her lips suggestively, "YOU WANTED TO FUCK ME IN THE CELLS, THAT NIGHT?"

Angela sighed. Slowly she unbuttoned the white shirt she wore. She wanted A PIECE OF THE ACTION!

Angela PETTINGILL could almost taste the policewoman's fragrant pussy.

The prostitute leaned over the reception counter - she could hear the police radio echoing through the watch house keeper's office. The policewoman stepped forward, slipping her hands under Angela's arms. Traci closed her eyes as her mouth found Angela's moist lips once again - the prostitute and the policewoman TONGUE-KISSED tenderly.

The flimsy polyester-cotton of Traci's unbuttoned police- shirt bushed against Angela's trembling skin, sending a shiver of lusty anticipation through the sassy SHE- CRIMINAL as their tongues entwined.

"I SHOULDN'T BE DOING THIS," the policewoman groaned, whispering into Angela's ear as the prostitute teased at her earlobe - Angela PETTINGILL stripped Traci of her unbuttoned police-shirt. She paused for a moment. The pale-blue polyester-cotton felt soft in her fingers and she could still detect the faint aroma of the young Probationary policewoman's perfume in the fabric.


Tossing the policewoman's blouse to one side, Angela lowered her head and gently teased at the policewoman's hardening nipples with the tip of her moist tongue - Traci leaned forward and offered a muffled sigh.

"AND," interrupted Angela, teasing the brunette policewoman playfully, "YOU'RE A UNIFORMED POLICEWOMAN!"

The brunette policewoman raised her hand. Slowly she caressed Angela's cheek with her fingertips and then ran her fingers through the convicted prostitutes hair. Angela pressed her lips to the policewoman's erect nipples and teased it with her tongue.

"OH, ANGELA!" the policewoman gasped - Angela hesitated. The small diamond pendant that Traci wore, glittered in the reflected light - they were all alone in the foyer of the Sunbury Police Station. The prostitutes tongue lingered near the policewoman's other nipple.


She held the policewoman's hand for a moment. Opening her mouth, she took Traci's fingers between her moist lips.

"YOU DELICIOUS BITCH, COPPER - YOU WANT IT BAD!" Angela sighed. She ran her tongue along Traci's finger.

"ANGELA," sighed the policewoman confiding in the prostitute. "YES, I DO, YOU DELICIOUS BITCH!"

Moments later, the convicted prostitute was sitting up on the reception counter of the Sunbury Cop Shop - the policewoman's fingertips caressed Angela's thighs as she positioned herself between the prostitutes outstretched legs. Angela offered the nubile policewoman her fragrant pussy.

"MMMM," she murmured, whispering to the policewoman as she brushed aside the collection of Neighbourhood Watch pamphlets and issues of Police Life Magazine that seemed to litter the counter, "YOU DO HAVE SUCH A DELICIOUS BODY UNDER THAT UNIFORM, CONSTABLE MARGARSON!"

"THE BOSS HAS BANNED YOU FROM THE POLICE STATION, ANGELA!" Traci replied - she felt so slutty in just her uniform skirt, panties and regulation, dark-blue pantyhose. Senior Sergeant Barry PRESTON 17900 had been concerned with Angela PETTINGILL's continued presence at the Sunbury Police Station - the Officer in Charge of the Sunbury Cop Shop had decreed that, the convicted prostitute and her kinky offers of Policewomen's Discount were TABOO!

"IM STILL ON DUTY AND IN UNIFORM?" the policewoman whispered, barely able to speak as Angela opened her shapely legs for the police girl.

"IM GOING TO MAKE YOU CUM LIKE A WHORE, POLICEWOMAN!" Angela replied. Kneeling, the policewoman lowered her head between the prostitutes trembling thighs. Uttering a muffled sigh, she teased at Angela's moist labia with the tip of her tongue. The sassy Probationary policewoman was now performing cunnilingus on the convicted prostitute.

"YOU SEXY BITCH, TRACI!" Angela sighed, arching her back with exquisite ecstasy as she felt Traci's tongue slide between her pussy-lips slowly,


Her muffled voice seemed to echo through the darkened confines of the police station foyer - the brunette policewoman offered a soft, girlish sigh.


Traci pressed her mouth to the prostitute's pussy - the policewoman's tongue teased at Angela's clitoris. Running her fingers through Probationary Traci MARGARSON's hair, the convicted prostitute forced her pussy against the brunette policewoman's pretty face.

"ANGELA," The policewoman sighed. She teased at the convicted prostitutes moist labia with her tongue. Traci\s face was wet with Angela's fragrant cunni.

"YOU BITCH!" Angela groaned. She could barely pronounce her words as the young police girl continued to tease at her waiting clit. Closing her eyes, Angela began to move her hips in unison with each movement of Traci's probing tongue - she had so wanted to GIRL FUCK the young policewoman in the vacant Female Cells at that Nightshift Bar-B-Que.

"FUCK ME, POLICEWOMAN!" the prostitute exclaimed. Angela PETTINGILL had been looking forward to this for over a week - she had pleaded with Claudia to allow her a chance to GIRL FUCK the brunette policewoman.

"YOU'RE SO WET!" Traci gasped. She snatched a hurried breath, trying to regain her composure. Angela tightened her grip on the policewoman, forcing Traci to perform cunnilingus on her once again.

The policewoman needed little encouragement. It was said, that Angela would tick the names of each policewoman shed FUCKED at Sunbury, on an old copy of the Uniform Branch roster that shed procured - Probationary Constable Traci MARGARSON 30084 was the last name on that roster to be ticked.


They had TONGUE-KISSED contentedly, for about fifteen minutes in the dubious privacy of the Female cells at the rear of the Sunbury Police Station. Angela PETTINGILL had wandered into the car-park of the Cop Shop and invited herself to the impromptu NIGHTSHIFT BAR-B-QUE - the convicted prostitute offering Traci MARGASON a little Policewomen's Discount as they shared a can of drink together.

"YES-YES-YES-YES!" Angela gasped - the policewoman's tongue continued to explore her pussy as if she were the STREET WHORE and not a uniformed policewoman. They'd been interrupted! Senior Constable Helena NEYLAND 22069 had been watching their surreptitious KISS on the CCTV surveillance monitor in the watch house keeper's office.

Probationary Constable Claudia DELAHUNTEY 23165 had become involved - Traci forced by circumstances to watch Angela pleasure both policewomen as she kept an eye on things in the watch house. Not long afterwards, their perverted FUN had been interrupted by a call on the police radio.

Angela gripped the top of the reception counter. Snatching a hurried deep breath, she closed her eyes and thrust her hips forward - the policewoman's tongue continued to tease at the prostitute's clit.

"IM GOING TO ORGASM!" Angela confessed - she felt as if her pussy as about to EXPLODE!

Deliciously lewd SLURPING noises seem to fill the foyer of the Sunbury Police Station - Angela's passionate cries of DELIGHT echoed throughout the COP SHOP. "YOU BITCH, POLICEWOMAN!" the prostitute gasped - Angela could barely speak as she felt the policewoman's fingertips move slowly up her trembling thigh. She opened her eyes and bit her lip.

Lying beside her on the watch house counter, Traci's discarded uniform blouse confirmed that she was GIRL FUCKING a uniformed policewoman - the flimsy, pale-blue fabric of the Victoria Police blouse contrasting with the darkened environs of the police station foyer.


It was not the first time that Angela had ORGASMED within the Sunbury Police Station - the convicted prostitute had pleasured female police officers within the Interview Room and the Female Cells.


Her desperate cry echoed through the darkened police station. Shed been GIRL FUCKED on top of the Charge Counter and inside the Ladies Toilets upstairs! "YOU FUCKING BITCH, COPPER!" she groaned, staring straight up at the ceiling above her.


Lifting her head from between Angela's thighs, Traci wrapped her arms about the prostitute's waist, holding her in place on top of he reception counter as she tried to regain her composure. Licking her moist lips, she stared down at her own discarded police-shirt - the crumpled Victoria Police blouse somewhat incongruous as it lay on top of the watch house counter.

Her skin tingled with excitement. Her erect nipples brushed against the prostitutes skin, sending a shiver of excitement through both the Probationary policewoman and Angela.

"YOU DELICIOUS BITCH, POLICEWOMAN!" the prostitute sighed - she could still feel Traci's tongue violating her vagina. It was all so SURREAL!

The policewoman's moist lips lingered close to the prostitute's own nipples - perspiration dribbled down between Angela's firm, well-rounded breasts as she slowly gathered her wits about her.

"MMMM," the policewoman responded, teasing at the prostitutes erect nipple with her tongue, "YOU'RE GETTING OFF ON FUCKING A POLICEWOMAN, ANGELA - AREN'T YOU, GIRL?"

She pressed her putting lips to the nipple and gently sucked at it, smearing a little of her lipstick on Angela's flesh - Angela brushed the hair from her forehead and using the palm of her left hand, she wiped the perspiration from her face. The door that led into the watch house keeper's office was still open, and the convicted prostitute could hear the police radio as Traci contentedly teased at her hard nipples.

"YOU WANT A PIECE OF THE ACTION TONIGHT?" she asked the policewoman, teasingly. Lifting her head, Traci looked into the convicted prostitutes seductive eyes. There was a moment of silence. Smiling wickedly, the policewoman moved closer to the prostitute and gently KISSED Angela on the lips.

"TRACI, " murmured the sexy prostitute, "I'VE WANTED YOU SO BAD, POLICEWOMAN!"

She teased at the policewoman's earlobe with her tongue as she whispered into Traci's ear. "YOUR SEXY POLICE GIRL BODY."

Traci sighed randily, slowly nodding her head in agreement - she had been tempted by the convicted prostitute kinky offer at that bar-b-que. Angela kissed the brunette policewoman's cheek.

"THAT NIGHT IN THE FEMALE CELLS!" she continued. Traci uttered a soft, girlish sigh.

"MMMM," the policewoman purred, "I REMEMBER, ANGELA!"

"YOU'RE NO POLICEWOMAN," Angela told the policewoman. Glancing over Traci's shoulder, the convicted prostitute looked at the large poster of the current MISS VICTORIA POLICE on the wall. "YOU'RE A POLICEWHORE IN UNIFORM, CONSTABLE MARGARSON!"

The policewoman kissed Angela on the cheek - Constable Claudia DELAHUNTEY had suggested that she invite Angela into the police station for a little Policewomen's Discount when on nightshift. Rostered as watch house keeper at the Sunbury Police Station, a policewoman could enjoy some illicit FUN with the convicted prostitute in relative privacy. Instinctively, Traci knew that shed been SET UP by her girlfriend.

"WHEN YOU LET ME TASTE YOUR LIPS!" the policewoman whispered. Closing her eyes, she could picture that illicit KISS within the Female Cells - the convicted prostitute and the young brunette policewoman. Traci had realised that, Constable Claudia DELAHUNTEY 23165 had arranged for Angela's nocturnal visit to the Sunbury COP SHOP.

Traci stepped back. Without saying a word, she fumbled with her belt buckle as the prostitute watched intently - shed allowed Claudia to enjoy some illicit Policewomen's Discount with Angela in the Female Cells. Tonight, it was her turn.

"YOU DELICIOUS SLUT!" Angela PETTINGILL murmured, licking her trembling lips in a most suggestive manner. Still an inexperienced Probationary policewoman, Traci had been unsure about a nocturnal GIRL FUCK with the notorious convicted prostitute at that Nightshift Bar-B-Que - lesbianism within the Victoria Police had always been tolerated.

"YOU WONT NEED THAT UNIFORM, GIRL!" the prostitute added. Smiling wickedly to herself, Traci undid her belt.

"I KNOW ANGELA," the police girl answered. Although, she did not admit it, the thought of an illicit GIRL FUCK with a prostitute was quite a TURN ON for the brunette police officer. Policewomen's Discount whilst ON DUTY and in uniform, was quite TABOO.

"MMMM, " she told the prostitute, unzipping her uniform skirt, "IM NO POLICEWOMAN, TONIGHT!"

The uniform skirt slipped to the floor. The gusset of the policewoman's regulation pantyhose was quite wet. Her fragrant cunni-juice oozed from between her pussy-lips, dribbling down the inside of her thigh.

"IM A POLICEWHORE IN UNIFORM!" the policewoman continued, taking Angela by the hand - they would have more privacy in the watch house keeper's office.


Angela paused for a moment. She glanced down at the discarded, policewoman's blouse on the counter and slowly ran the tip of her tongue around the moist insides of her mouth. The woven Victoria Police patch on the uniform blouses shirtsleeve had caught her eye - her own discarded clothing strewn about the reception counter of the Sunbury Police Station seemed to highlight the crumpled, uniform blouse as she looked down at it.

She turned to follow Traci into her watch house keeper's office. The prostitute was now only vaguely aware of the police radio. The policewoman offered her seat to the convicted prostitute as she held the door open for Angela.


"WHEN THEY'RE ON NIGHTSHIFT ALONE, THEY OCCASIONALLY CALL ME, TRACI!" the prostitute answered - Traci hesitated. Angela sat down. As the policewoman closed the door, the convicted prostitute made herself comfortable in the watch house keeper's chair.


Traci draped her uniform blouse over the watch house keeper's desk. The prostitute took note of the old Ribald Magazine lying with the Probationary policewoman's paperwork - she said nothing however.

"IF I WERE TO TELEPHONE - WOULD YOU OFFER ME A LITTLE POLICEWOMEN'S DISCOUNT TOO?" the young policewoman enquired, tossing her uniform skirt onto the shelf above the control panel.

"ANYTIME!" replied Angela - the policewoman sat back on her watch house keeper's desk and offered the prostitute her moist pussy.

"MMMM," the policewoman sighed, tearing open the gusset of her issue pantyhose, "I'VE WANTED YOU, EVER SINCE THAT KISS IN THE FEMALE CELLS, ANGELA!"

Closing her eyes, Probationary Constable Traci MARGARSON groaned with delight as she felt the prostitutes tongue slide effortlessly, between her moist pussy-lips.

It all seemed so SURREAL to the young policewoman - the prostitute gently slid a finger into her vagina and teased at her waiting clit. As she sat back on top of the watch house keeper's desk, she could feel the prostitutes tongue violating her moist pussy at last - Traci felt so SLUTTY! Her uniform blouse lay beside her. Her discarded, uniform skirt, tossed to one side, just out of her reach - Angela had all but ripped the sodden pair of panties that shed been wearing, from her.


Claudia's regulation handbag lay nearby. A cup of cold coffee and a copy of GIRLFRIEND Magazine had been left beside the paperwork that Traci had been supposed to finish.

"ANGELA!" the policewoman muttered - the convicted prostitute was performing cunnilingus on a policewoman. Claudia could not believe the pleasure that she was experiencing as the SHE-CRIMINAL pressed her mouth to the policewoman's moist pussy-lips.


Shed watched the notorious Angela PETTINGILL seduce a pair of uniformed policewomen in the Female Cells - the cells at the Sunbury Police Station being monitored by CCTV. "OH, ANGELA - YOU KINKY BITCH!" she heard herself groan - she no longer heard the police radio and was only just aware that she was getting TONGUE-FUCKED in the watch house keeper's office of s COP SHOP!

It was so SLUTTY! The prostitutes finger slid between Traci's pussy-lips and twiddled her clit - the prostitute snatched a hurried breath and licked at the pussy-juice that now seemed to cover her face.

"MMMM," the brunette policewoman gasped, "THAT'S IT, ANGELA!"

The policewoman clenched her fists - the ecstasy she was experiencing, was almost unbearable. The policewoman was not sure if it was the prostitutes tongue, or whether it was the fact that, she was being TONGUE-FUCKED by a convicted prostitute, that made it so KINKY!

The prostitute slid another finger into Traci's pussy - the policewoman had witnessed the convicted prostitute FINGER-FUCK both Constable Claudia DELAHUNTEY and Senior Constable Helena NEYLAND simultaneously - Angela pleasuring the pair of policewoman within the female Cells.

"UNIFORMED POLICEWOMEN ARE SUCH SLUTS!" Angela murmured - the policewoman opened her eyes and found herself staring straight into the face of Chief Commissioner Christine NIXON. Caressing the young policewoman's thighs with her fingers, Angela teased at Traci's moist labia with the very tip of her tongue. It was almost as if the smiling CHIEF COMMISSIONER was watching them.

"OH-OH-OH-OH-OH-OH!" Traci gasped. The prostitutes tongue slid between her pussy-lips and teased at her clit.

There was a Police Life Magazine poster of Chief Commissioner Christine NIXON on the wall - the smiling policewoman appearing to smile knowingly at young watch house keeper.

"FUCK ME, ANGELA!" the young brunette policewoman exclaimed. The watch house keeper's office seemed to echo with the delightfully obscene sounds of SAPPHO SEX.

Raising her head slightly, Angela opened her mouth and teased at the policewoman's belly-button with the tip of her tongue - the prostitute found the whole idea of a uniformed policewoman with a pierced navel, just such a TURN ON!

"IM GOING TO CUM - ANGELA!" the policewoman gasped - Traci was about to ORGASM!

Angela's tongue lingered close to the policewoman's belly button as she continued to tease at Traci's clitoris with he fingertips.

"OH," sighed Angela, running the tip of her tongue along the policewoman's vulva, "I KNOW, COPPER!"

Leaning back on her watch house keeper's desk, the brunette police girl rested on her elbows - her nubile body shuddered. Unable to speak, she whimpered with delight and thrust her hips forward, gently forcing her pussy onto the prostitute's sexy face. She could almost taste Angela's moist lips - the infamous KISS in the Female Cells, the most erotic moment of her career with the Victoria Police up until now.

"YOU DELICIOUS BITCH, POLICEWHORE!" whispered Angela, slipping her tongue into the policewoman's vagina once more.

Caressing the policewoman's thighs with her fingertips, Angela forced her tongue deeper - the young policewoman's body seemed to move in unison with the convicted prostitutes tongue. Probationary Constable Traci MARGARSON had wanted to ORGASM at the same time as Angela - the SHE-CRIMINAL however, had taken great delight in CUMMING as the slutty policewoman had performed cunnilingus on her.

"ANGELA," the young policewoman squealed, "MY PUSSY IS ON FIRE!" She closed her eyes and held her breath - she no longer cared that she was still ON DUTY! "OH, ANGELA!" the policewoman gasped - Traci could barely pronounce her words as her squirming body convulsed in forbidden ORGASM!

The darkened COP SHOP echoed with the young policewoman's scream - smiling wickedly to herself, Angela PETTINGILL wondered if Traci's ORGASM might've disturbed the convent situated next-door to the Sunbury Police Station. For a moment, she pondered what the Nuns might make of Probationary Constable Traci MARGARSON's wild ORGASM!


There was a moment of silence. Pausing for a moment, Angela picked up Traci's uniform blouse - the convicted prostitute quite liked the soft feel of the flimsy polyester-cotton. Slowly, she wiped the cunni-juice from her pussy with the uniform blouse. The policewoman uttered a soft, girlish sigh - she could almost taste the convicted prostitute.

"MY UNIFORM BLOUSE?" she murmured - Angela would force Traci to wear the police-shirt for the rest of her shift as watch house keeper. Watching the sexily-pouting prostitute, Constable Traci MARGARSOON 30084 slowly regained her composure as she lay across the watch house keeper's desk.

It was reputed that Angela had GIRL FUCKED many of the uniformed policewomen stationed at the Sunbury Cop Shop - the young Probationary policewoman having been told by Senior Constable Helena NEYLAND, that shed ticked the names of the policewomen with whom the prostitute had allegedly been intimate, on the Uniform Branch roster.

"THAT WAS," The policewoman sighed, caressing the soft polyester-cotton of her disheveled, uniform blouse, with her fingertips - Angela PETTINGILL hesitated, picking up a pen from the pile of paperwork that lay beside the policewoman on the watch house keeper's desk.

"WONDERFUL!" Traci confessed - her uniform blouse was wet with the prostitutes pussy-juice.

"TRACI!" the prostitute murmured, slowly running the tip of her moist tongue along the pen in a most erotic manner, "YOU DELICIOUS SLUT."

Traci's uniform blouse was wet with Angela's fragrant cunni-juice.


The prostitute uttered a soft sigh. She turned and ticked Traci's name on the roster in triumph...

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