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Dr. Quinn, The Wedding Shower
by Val White (val72@hotmail.com)

* Dr. Quinn, The Wedding Shower *

Dr. Quinn was in her clinic cleaning her instruments after having removed a rather large wart from Mrs. Jackson's back, when the door opened and the town's teacher, Teresa Moralles, came in.

"Hello Mrs. Moralles. How are you? Are you getting nervous yet about your upcoming wedding to Jake?"

"I'm fine, thank you. But I must admit, I am becoming increasingly worried as the big day approaches."

"Oh, don't worry about it, I'm sure everything will be fine. And I've come to know Jake quite well over the past few years, and I can say that he'll make you a fine husband."

"I have no doubt that he will be a good husband, it is me as a wife that I am concerned about."

"Whatever do you mean? I thought your last marriage to Mr. Moralles was a good one. Why do you think that Jake will feel any differently?"

"Well, that is what I have come to talk to you about. It is a little difficult to know how to start. I...I am worried that I will not be able to properly fulfill my duties on our wedding night."

"Mrs. Moralles, I know it is difficult to speak of such things, but we are both married women, and I am a doctor. If I am to help you, you must speak frankly."

"Oh, Dr. Quinn, I know. But it is so embarrassing. Mr. Moralles knew my likes and dislikes, and was able to make me enjoy the...act. I am concerned that with Jake, I will not be able to reach...to appreciate the matrimonial bed."

"Well, it seems rather simple to me. If you enjoyed relations with Mr. Moralles because he knew what you liked, you will just have to make sure that Jake knows what he has to do. You may find it difficult to speak frankly with him, but Jake will only be too happy to ensure that you achieve as much pleasure as he does."

"Normally, I would agree with you. But my particular tastes are... well... unusual."

"You may be surprised to know that most men will find 'unusual' acts in the bed to increase their excitement. Jake will likely take to your suggestions quite easily."

"I think you may be underestimating just how unusual my particular preference is. I like...I want...I can only enjoy sex if the man first urinates on me."

"Oh," was Dr. Quinn's only reaction to this bombshell.

Mrs. Moralles blushed deeply and said "I told you it was unusual. I don't know why I was cursed with such a perversion. Is there...do you think you could cure me of this deviancy?"

Dr. Quinn was beginning to gather her thoughts. "Well, while it is unusual, it is not likely to be caused by any medical condition. Have you ever been examined by a doctor to see if the cause of this desire can be found?" As she sorted through the tests and examinations she would have to try, she couldn't help but think of a man pissing on a woman. Strangely, she did not picture Jake and Teresa, but rather her own Sully letting a stream of urine flow all over her own face and tits. How strange, but somehow exciting.

"No. I only became aware of it myself after my first marriage. Since my husband indulged me, I had no need to seek medical attention. It is only now, with my upcoming wedding to Mr. Slicker, that I have had cause for concern."

"Well, let's go in the examination room."

When they were in the room, Dr. Quinn instructed Mrs. Moralles to remove her clothing. Dr. Quinn pulled out the birthing table which she used when a midwife referred what they believed might be a difficult delivery to her. "Get on the table and place your feet in the stirrups," she told her patient. Dr. Quinn noted Mrs. Moralles' attractive figure. She had large, firm breasts, and an hourglass figure with ample buttocks.

Dr. Quinn bent down between Mrs. Moralles' legs and parted the thick bush to examine her vagina. "Hmmm, we'll have to do something about that," she muttered to herself. She got up and stuck her head out the door. "Colleen, come into the examining room please," she called out.

"Oh, no," said Mrs. Moralles. "You can't bring anyone else in here."

"Don't worry. Colleen has been my nurse for several years now.

She understands the confidentiality of these situations."

"Colleen, please shave Mrs. Moralles' pubic hair so that I may do a proper exam," instructed Dr. Quinn when Colleen came into the room.

"Yes Ma," replied Colleen. She looked at the nude woman in the chair. She was very well built with large tits. The dark brown nipples were stiff, but that was probably due to the slight chill in the room. Her bush was very thick, it would take some time to remove it properly. Colleen was looking forward to being that close and intimate with the dark haired Mexican beauty.

Colleen started by getting a pair of scissors and positioning herself between the spread eagled woman's legs. She ran her hand through the luxuriant fur for just a single stroke. Before Mrs. Moralles could guess how much she was enjoying it, Colleen gently gathered a tuft between her fingers and snipped it off. She continued cutting away until Mrs. Moralles' snatch was covered by only a thatch of very short hair.

Colleen stood back a little to admire her handiwork. It was certainly a lot easier to see the details of Teresa's cunt now that most of the thick hair had been removed. Colleen thought it looked delicious. She thought for a moment about what it would be like to lick the beautiful pussy in front of her, but instead went to gather her tools to complete her task.

She came back in a moment with a pan of warm water, some soap, and a washcloth. She used the cloth and soap to work up a lather on the patient's groin, rubbing it up and down the woman's twat, making sure to stimulate the clitoris as much as she could get away with without seeming too obvious. When she had worked up a substantial lather, she picked up the straight razor and began removing the whiskers from the area over the top of the pussy. She then moved to the area between the cunt lips and the thigh. Soon, there was only a patch of short hair on the lips and below the cunt.

"Ma, I think I'll need your help to finish up so that I don't cut Mrs. Moralles."

Dr. Quinn came over and joined her daughter between the woman's legs. She grasped one of Mrs. Moralles' cunt lips and stretched it to make it easier for Colleen to shave the area. Colleen carefully scraped her sharp razor over the area. Dr. Quinn moved her fingers slightly to give Colleen access to the area she had been holding. As she did, she manipulated the flesh so that she got a good look at the interior of Teresa's pussy; as she did so, she looked at Colleen and licked her lips. Colleen smiled and leaned in closer to the woman's exposed twat, shaving the last patch of hair on the right side.

The two medical professionals repeated the procedure on the left side. There was now only a small tuft of hair running from the base of Teresa's slit to her anus.

"Slide down the examining table a little," instructed Dr. Quinn.

"Yes, that's better," she said.

Now Mrs. Moralles' asshole was a little higher off the table. Colleen picked up her washcloth again and rubbed the sensitive area, lathering it up for the razor. Dr. Quinn put a hand on either side of Teresa's ass and spread the cheeks as wide as she could, causing the skin to become taut. Colleen then proceeded to shave around the delicate little rosebud, starting her strokes at the asshole and guiding the razor away. She finished up by removing the hair from the patch of skin between the vagina and the asshole while Dr. Quinn kept it stretched so she wouldn't nick the patient.

When all the pubic hair had been removed, Colleen took the washcloth and wiped the remaining traces of lather and loose whiskers from the now nude cunt. She noticed that Mrs. Moralles' outer pussy lips seemed flushed and swollen.

Apparently, the woman had enjoyed having her quim shaved. Colleen had certainly enjoyed performing the task, she could feel a familiar wetness between her legs.

"All right, now that I can properly see your genitalia, I will conduct a physical exam to see if I can find any irregularities," said Dr. Quinn.

She positioned a small stool between her patient's legs so she was eye level to Teresa's cunt. She spread the outer lips to examine the inner labia and began asking questions.

"After your husband urinated on you, did you enjoy normal copulation?"

Colleen gasped involuntarily. She had not been in the room for the earlier conversations, so she did not know why Mrs. Moralles was having a vaginal exam. She was shocked to discover that the thought of someone pissing on that beautiful body made her already moist cunt begin to tingle.

Mrs. Moralles blushed at Colleen's reaction. How dreadfully embarrassing to have her private sex life opened up to such a young, innocent girl! The fact that it was so deviant only made it worse. "Um, yes," she mumbled in reply.

"What position were you and your husband in most frequently during the urination?" asked Dr. Quinn as she inserted a finger into Teresa's vagina to check for moisture. She was a little moist, but not very.

"Um, well, I... I would usually kneel in front of him, and he... Oh, this is terrible!"

"I know you find this difficult, Mrs. Moralles, but believe me when I tell you that I will not pass judgment on you for consensual sexual acts between you and another adult." As she said this, Dr. Quinn began rubbing Teresa's clitoris to see if she could stimulate the woman manually.

"He would pee on my face and chest."

"Would your mouth be open during this act?"

"Yes" whispered Mrs. Moralles.

"And you found this sexually stimulating?"

"God, yes!" she replied, somewhat more forcefully.

"If your mouth was open, am I correct in assuming you would drink some of your husband's urine?" asked Dr. Quinn as she reinserted a finger in Mrs. Moralles' snatch. A little wetter, perhaps, but she knew that she would now be dripping if she had received the amount of stimulation Teresa had received.

"Yes, I would drink some."

"Tell me, Mrs. Moralles, did you ever pee on your husband?"

Mrs. Moralles let out a little sob. "Yes, I did. I so loved it when he would drink the golden liquid from me. I loved the sight of it running down his chest. Afterward, we would kiss and share the hot piss as he began to invade me with his organ. I miss him so! Why, why was I born this way?"

"Well, I can't find any physical abnormalities in your vagina. But your response to manual manipulation seems to be quite low. I would like to see the effect that urine has on you first hand. Tell me, have you ever been urinated on by a woman?"

Colleen immediately knew what her mother was going to suggest.

She went weak in the knees at the thought.

"A woman?" asked a puzzled Mrs. Moralles. "I never even considered it. I never thought of a woman as someone I might have sexual relations with."

"I'm going to try an experiment. I will have Colleen urinate on you while I continue to finger your cu...vagina. I want to see you experience this physical response."

Mrs. Moralles was aghast. "We can't do that! Your daughter will think I am a terrible person!"

Colleen came to the examination table and leaned over Mrs. Moralles. "Don't worry." She took one of the Mexican's ample tits in her hands and kissed her on the lips. "I want to see your body covered in my piss as much as you will enjoy receiving it."

Teresa couldn't believe what she was hearing. For the first time in her life, she considered sex with another woman, and was surprised to find that she found it exciting. She felt a slight shudder of anticipation pass through her body. It was a familiar feeling, but one she hadn't experienced since Mr. Moralles had passed away.

She realized she was going to thoroughly enjoy having this young, pretty girl let a hot stream of piss flow onto her face and body. Suddenly, the words 'young girl' struck home. She looked up at Colleen's mother with shame written all over her face.

Dr. Quinn was looking at her with a lewd smile and had a hand in her dress fondling her own tit. She clearly had no problem with her daughter having sex with another woman in front of her. Teresa decided if both Colleen and Dr. Quinn thought it was all right, who was she to object?

Colleen began to remove her clothes. Dr. Quinn said "This may get wet, I had better strip too."

Soon, all three women were naked. Mrs. Moralles looked at the two women. It was the first time she had seen an adult woman other than herself in the nude. She admired Colleen's figure which was fuller than her mother's. She noted that Dr. Quinn had a sparse blonde bush at the juncture of her legs, while Colleen's was slightly thicker and reddish in color.

Colleen climbed up on to the examining table with a foot on either side of Teresa's hips. Her groin was about a foot in front of and perhaps a foot higher than Teresa's face.

Dr. Quinn took her spot on the stool between Teresa's legs. She reached out and spread the cunt lips in front of her to admire the inner flower of her womanhood. She leaned forward and took a tentative lick at the soft flesh. She could tell from the taste and the slipperiness that Mrs. Moralles was already getting excited by the situation.

As Dr. Quinn continued to lap at Teresa's shaved quim, Colleen ran her hands up and down her body, pausing to pinch her nipples and fondle her tits. When her hands reached her groin, she spread her pussy lips wide to show off her treasure to the waiting woman in front of her.

"Oh, yes!" exclaimed Teresa. "Piss on me! Let it come in my mouth! I want to taste your hot pee!"

"First, lick me," said Colleen.

Teresa leaned forward and lapped at the young girl's pussy. Colleen chose that moment to let her stream of urine flow. The yellow liquid splashed over Teresa's face. In a second or two, her entire face was wet with Colleen's piss. She leaned back and opened her mouth wide to drink in as much of the precious fluid as she could.

Sully had entered the clinic a few minutes earlier. He had been about to call out for Michaela when he had heard voices in the examining room. Assuming she was in with a patient, he had decided to wait. But then he heard a woman call out "Piss on me!" It only took him a moment to quietly move to the door of the examining room and ease it open a few inches. His cock came to instant attention when he saw the three naked women. He couldn't believe it when he saw Colleen let a stream of piss fly in the face of the town's teacher.

As Sully surreptitiously watched the lesbian golden shower scene unfold before him, Michaela continued to lick at Teresa's bare snatch. It was amazing that the same woman who had so little reaction to all the stimulation less than half an hour ago was now creaming so copiously. Dr. Quinn could hardly keep up with the flow of cunt juice. It was smeared all over her face and was running down Teresa's ass crack.

Teresa could no longer keep up with the flow of urine streaming from Colleen's twat. It was spilling out of her mouth and running down her chin. Colleen adjusted her position slightly to redirect the flow to the Mexican's beautiful breasts. The hot liquid splashed off her ample mounds and ran down her stomach. Michaela got her first taste of piss as the liquid found it's way down to Teresa's hairless cunt. It was salty and bitter and so nasty it almost made her come on the spot. No wonder Teresa loved pissing as a prelude to sex.

Teresa had never had her cunt eaten while being urinated on before. The combination was more than she could stand. Every drop of Colleen's golden piss was like molten lead on her body and it seemed as if Dr. Quinn's talented tongue would cause her love button to explode with pleasure. Just as Colleen's stream turned into a dribble, Teresa felt her clit send out bolts of lightning to her asshole, her tits, the tips of her fingers and the end of her toes.

She cried out "I'm cumming! Oh, fuck! Eat me, eat me, Dr. Quinn!"

Mrs. Moralles' body writhed about on the examining table as her orgasm rocked her. Colleen began rubbing her own snatch as she watched Teresa's face contort with the power of her climax. In a few seconds, she began to calm down a bit.

Sully chose this moment to make his presence known. He walked in with his pants already pulled down to below his hips. With his rock hard erection in his hand, he asked "Any room for some of this?"

Colleen turned around and said "Hi Sully."

Dr. Quinn responded "I'm sure we can put it to good use somewhere."

Teresa was flabbergasted. Apparently, this upstanding family in the community of Colorado Springs was even more perverse than she was.

Sully joined his wife between Teresa's legs as Colleen clambered down from her perch. He looked at the freshly shaven twat and ran his hand lightly over the skin. "Mmmm nice," he said. "I've never seen a woman with her cunt hair removed."

"I shaved her," Colleen said proudly. "It was lots of fun. Did you see me piss on her? She drank it up like it was milk!"

"Yeah, it made me wonder if maybe she'd like another shot," said Sully.

Teresa groaned at the thought of that handsome stud letting his hot, yellow piss fly on her aching flesh. "Ohhhh, yes. Please give me your pee!"

Sully needed no more invitation than that. He stood up and removed his pants and shirt. Michaela got up and gave Teresa's still seeping quim a parting kiss, and then took the stool and made room for Sully. Sully stood between the dark beauty's legs with his prick standing at attention. He tried hard to relax enough to let his bladder void itself, but his raging hardon was interfering with his plumbing. "Hang on, this may take a minute," he said.

Michaela and Colleen were on either side of Teresa's face, waiting for the waterworks to start. When they realized Sully was going to need a moment to get the show started, they turned their attention to Teresa. They both brought their faces down to hers and began a passionate three-way kiss. Their tongues danced together, and Colleen moaned form the sheer pleasure of it.

The sight of the three beautiful, naked women kissing as they waited for his arc of urine to cascade onto one of their hot bodies was not helping Sully achieve his desired result.

He closed his eyes and imagined the waterfall at Thompson's River. Soon, he felt his piss working it's way through his body. A short spurt shot out, but as he opened his eyes to watch it land on Teresa's stomach, he became so excited he tensed up again and involuntarily staunched the flow.

Now that he had started once, though, it didn't take him long to get going again. With an exultant whoop, he let his liquid jet out. It landed on Teresa's flat stomach. The pressure quickly built and the stream walked up her body past her navel to her lovely tits then to her chin.

In a mere couple of seconds, he had a steady flow landing directly on Teresa's mouth. The three women were still kissing, so the yellow liquid was getting slurped up by all of them. It splashed messily about, covering their faces and hair with the golden nectar.

As much as he was enjoying watching the three women lap up his piss, he knew he had to try something else before his store of urine was depleted. He aimed his turgid prick at Teresa's still dripping pussy, hosing down her pretty, hairless cunt and her lovely asshole.

Teresa cries out "My cunt's on fire! Put out my inferno with your huge hose! Soak it down! Extinguish the flames!"

Only a teacher could think up something like that in the middle of a sexual encounter, thought Sully to himself. As the last of his pee dribbled out of his still hard cock, he stepped forward and rubbed his dong over Teresa's piss and cunt juice covered groin.

"Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" she cried out. "Stick your lovepole in my hungry cunt!"

That was more like it, thought Sully. "I always try to give a lady what she wants," he said.

With that, he aimed his swollen cockhead at the opening to her love tunnel and drove it home. With one quick thrust he buried his steely organ to the hilt in her snatch. She was tight, and so wet and slippery! It was like being in a velvet vice. God, she felt good!

Sully began thrusting his hips back and forth, fucking the town's teacher for all he was worth. Colleen continued to kiss Teresa, occasionally licking up stray drops of Sully's urine form her face.

Michaela had other ideas. She got up on the examining table in the position Colleen had been occupying a short time ago. Instead of facing Teresa, she faced Sully. She stuck a finger in her hot snatch and withdrew it, offering the coated finger to her husband.

Sully took the finger in his mouth and cleaned her tasty juice from it. Michaela then spread her cunt lips apart and stood with her twat just a few inches from Sully's face. Sully immediately got the hint, and he opened his mouth wide just in time to catch the first stream of his wife's piss.

He relished the flavor of Michaela's urine as it trickled down his throat. He closed his mouth to swallow, and the stream hit his lips and ran down his chin and neck, and over his chiseled chest.

Teresa gasped as she saw the yellow liquid running over the muscles of the hunk who was fucking her twat. Colleen turned to see what was going on, and was also enthralled by the sight of her mother's piss as it ran over Sully's bare torso.

Sully opened his mouth again and got another mouthful. He smiled as he closed his mouth and squirted the hot urine back past his lips on to his wife's stomach. Michaela laughed at her husband's playfulness. He leaned forward as the flow slowed to a trickle. Michaela met him by crouching down slightly. Sully licked at his wife's cunt, lapping up the last of her piss and tasting her wetness.

When he had sucked up the last of her pee, he said "Turn around. I want to eat your ass." All the while, he never missed a stroke in his pounding of Teresa's quim. He continued to ram his rigid fuckstick in and out of her eager cavern.

Michaela turned so that her pretty, pert ass was in her husband's face. She was looking forward to a good rimming from him. She bent at the waist and squatted down just a little so that she'd be at the perfect height for Sully's tongue to fuck her anus.

Teresa, who had never heard of anal sex, looked at Colleen in confusion. "What are they doing?" she asked.

"Sully's gonna lick Ma's butt hole. He'll stick his tongue in as deep as he can and fuck her ass with it like he's screwing your pussy with his cock. It feels great to get your ass eaten out. He'll probably use his fingers in there too. When he fucks her ass with his cock, I like to suck the cum from Ma's ass when he's done."

"You are a very nasty family," said Teresa, but her smile belied her true feelings about it. "Perhaps you could lick the jism from my cunt after Sully fills me up?"

"OK," answered Colleen. The two women resumed their kissing.

Sully was still fucking Teresa's pussy as hard as he could. He was sliding his dong nearly all the way out and then slamming it back home in her slippery tunnel. His vigorous activity precluded him from doing the delicate preliminaries he so enjoyed when treating his wife to oral lovemaking, whether the object of his attentions was her tasty snatch or her other, darker tunnel.

He therefore just put a hand on either cheek and spread them wide then placed his mouth over her delicate rosebud. He formed a seal around her anus with his lips. While sucking on her flesh, he probed her rectum with his tongue. He felt the ring of her sphincter stretch a little to allow his probing member gain entry into the opening.

"That's it, yeah, that's good. Eat my ass, fuck it with your tongue! Mmmm, yeah, lick it," Michaela encouraged Sully. She was rubbing her now incredibly wet quim with one of her hands as Sully fucked her butt with his tongue. Her hand was soon coated with her pussy juice and she slid it further back, forcing one finger past Sully's lips. She slid it easily into her asshole, coated as it was with her cunt lube. Sully licked her hand and flicked his tongue around her anus, licking Michaela's finger as it slid in and out of her pretty bottom.

Teresa could now feel her second orgasm building as a result of the engorged penis that continued to assault her eager twat. Colleen felt the urgency of Teresa's probing tongue increase and guessed that the teacher was about to cum. She slid her hand down Teresa's body and rubbed her super sensitive clit. As soon as Colleen touched the love knob, a tidal wave of excitement crashed over Teresa. Her whole body shook uncontrollably as the climax peaked.

Sully felt the walls of Teresa's tight snatch clamp down even harder on his probing organ. His balls responded by sending up his jism in large, sticky gobs. He roared in release as he fired shot after shot of his love juice into Teresa's hot pussy.

Finally, their orgasms spent, Sully withdrew his cock from Teresa's sopping wet quim. Colleen, remembering her earlier promise, moved to Teresa's exposed cunt.

She looked in wonder at the juncture of the woman's legs. There was an incredible amount of bodily fluids everywhere. She must have leaked a gallon of cunt cream thought Colleen. Leaning down, Colleen extended her tongue and started just below Teresa's lovely asshole. She slid her tongue up over the sensitive anus, licking up pussy juice and some piss that was still on Teresa's dark skin.

She kept moving her tongue until she reached the pretty, hairless snatch and added some of Sully's delicious seed to her mouth. When she had a mouthful of flavor, she got back up and lay down across Teresa's body, sharing her treasure with the Mexican in a deep, soulful kiss.

Sully helped Michaela down from her perch. "I'm ready to give you my diagnosis," she announced.

Teresa looked at Dr. Quinn eagerly. In all the excite- ment, she had forgotten the original purpose of her visit.

"You are not a deviant for enjoying urination as part of sex, people who don't are the deviants!"

They all laughed at Dr. Quinn's joke.

"But what about Mr. Slicker?" asked Teresa.

"Oh, I think that maybe if Sully and I invite the prospective bride and groom to an intimate dinner at the homestead, perhaps we can all convince him that there's nothing wrong with a little piss to make the heart grow fonder."


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