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The White Counselor
by Pallidan (lee120fs@datasync.com)

* The White Counselor *

A school counselor decides to go to a troubled student's home and gets counseled herself.

Jane was driving as usual to meet the mother of one of her troublesome high school seniors who was constantly being kicked out of the school. The girl was an 18 year old black girl who was caught many times doing making out with guys during breaks and picking fights with white schools whom she would beat up till something came to save them. This was her last chance; Jane was going to give her by talking with her mother she was going to set the ultimate limit.

The drive was out on a long secluded road with only 1 house here and there as she passed. She knew her car was in good shape but still worried about having a flat tire or something. When she found the house, she was so relieved. It must have been a good 20 miles she thought.

She got out and walked to the door. The house wasn't that bad looking. Fairly good shape for a house out in the middle of nowhere. Knocking on the door, a black lady in her late 40s answered. About the same age as her own mother who was teaching at the same school.

"Hi, I'm Jane London." She said. "Your daughter Lisa's school counselor. I scheduled this appointment with you."

"I know who you are," the lady smirked back. "Come on in sweetie."

Jane walked in to find the house was very well maintained and in good order. She hadn't expected the girl to be living in such conditions. She thought she came from the slums by the way she acted.

"Have a seat," the woman told her.

Jane sat down and immediately began telling her about her daughter transgressions in school and that they were at their limit with her if something wasn't done. The woman only stared at her smirking the whole time she was explaining the problem.

Finally, she spoke.

"What do you want me to do with her?" She asked.

"Spank her."

"If that's what it will take, yes," Jane replied. "You are going to have to do something or we have to kick her out the school."

"Sounds to me like ya have the problem and not her," the lady replied. "She seems to be a normal girl to me. Looking at boys and showing white girls where they belong."

"How can you call that normal?" Jane retorted pissed that this lady seemed to ignore all she had said. No wonder the girl had an attitude problem. "If you don't stop her, I'm going to go back and have expelled forever."

"You can do as you like," the woman smiled at her. "Seem to me your lily white ass needs a good spanking instead of hers. Most white girls like you haven't found their place in life yet."

"That's it!" Jane shouted. "I've tried my best. I'm gone."

Jane was red and mad as hell as she stood up and practically race for the door. Hell with them she thought. They can just find another school. Bitch suggested she needed a spanking.

She slammed the door as she went out and walked to the car to see her two front tires flat. What the hell. They were in good shape. She knew it was a good 10 miles to the nearest house and it was now getting dark. She walked back to the house and knocked on the door as the woman opened it slightly.

"Well what do you want?" The woman asked.

"I need to use your telephone to call for roadside assistance. My tires are flat." She yelled at her mad as hell for the fix she was in.

"Too bad sugar. I guess you have to take your chance and walk your lily white ass back home." The woman replied. "The guys down the street raped a couple of girls pretty good last week I heard they were bruised up pretty bad."

"Listen," Jane snapped. "I'll pay you so let me borrow you phone for a minute."

"No way sugar." The woman smiled. "If you want to use my phone, you'll are going to strip naked and beg me spank your naughty white ass like a normal white girl should. After I had my fun, I may let you use the phone later tonight."

"No way bitch," Jane yelled. "I'll rather walk."

The door slammed as Jane heart sank. It was now pretty dark and she was still in high heels. She started walking away from the house and knew she wouldn't be able to make it. The thoughts of a rape and the sounds down the road just kept stirring thoughts in her imagination. The other option was totally disgusting but surely she could let the woman get her rocks off for a moment and endure the punishment till she could get help. I can sue the hell out of the bitch later, she thought.

She walked back to the house and knocked on the door.

This time Lisa was standing there in the crack. Jane was surprised and stunned.

"Listen Lisa, I need to use your phone and your mother is being unreasonable. Please let me in." She pleaded.

"Mother said you can't come in without stripping first and begging for her to spank your big white ass," Lisa smirked back smiling. "I can't wait to see it myself."

Jane was not stunned by her words as she had been caught using the words several times in school.

"Now let's be reasonable!"

The door slammed shut.

Damn bitch. Jane thought. What was she going to do? She walked around the porch for several minutes before deciding she would have to accept her fate for the night. She slowly removed all her clothing and laying them on the swing, went back and knocked again.

Lisa opened the door slightly again.

"Please tell you mother that I would like her to give me a spanking," Jane nearly whispered in humiliation.

"Mom," Lisa yelled back. "The white bitch counselor wants you to spank her big white ass. Her tits are quite big and it looks like her ass is going to be fun to watch turn red."

Jane turned red at the words trying to cover her tits and cunt the best she could.

The older woman finally came to the door and looked her up and down.

"Get on all fours and beg me to let you crawl in to spank your white butt," she demanded.

Jane wanted to run and hide but knew it wouldn't do any good. She got down on her hands and knees.

"Please can I come in to have my butt spanked?" she asked.

"Now you sound like a normal white girl," the woman laughed at her misery. "Crawl your lily white over to the couch over there and I'll be right behind you to give you what you deserve. Lisa dear, please move to the chair and make room for this white piece of trash to crawl in."

Jane turned red in embarrassment but crawled forward in the house towards the couch. She was aware of the woman walking behind her probably staring at her naked ass and the smiling of Lisa sitting in the chair. It felt like she had crawled a mile by the time she got there and waiting for the woman to sit down on the sofa.

"Now sweetie get you lily white ass over my lap so I can show you proper respect for a white bitch like you," the woman spoke to her.

Jane reluctantly got up and with the woman's help positioned her herself over the broad thighs. She felt like a kid that was going to be spanked for doing something wrong: even though, she had been spanked only once in her life.

"See all white women are alike," the woman was explaining to Lisa. "They all have nice spankable asses that are just begging to be beat. See her trying to tighten her buns so you can't see her little butt-hole down here. Probably been fucked already anyway. Don't worry, when I get through with her. It will be sticking out like a sore thumb."

"Spank her butt good, mom." Lisa yelled. "She's been giving me a hard time all year. I can't wait to see her squirm."

Jane almost panicked and thought about running as the first slap came down on her ass crack making her yell and buck. Damn she had hit her as hard as she could and the sting was still there as the next fell.

"Ouchhhh!" Jane yelled.

Owwhhhhh owww! That hurt! Oww! Oww! Ow!!!"

The blows were now coming down all over has ass as she started squirming and kicking her legs.

"That's it mom. Spank her harder." Lisa was edging on. "I love seeing lily white whore squirming on your lap. Look at that red spot.

"Mommy going to beat your ass raw," Lisa taunted.

"Ow! Please no more. Ow!"

Jane's legs were kicking wildly as her ass was on fire.

"OWWW!" she screamed.

Finally she stopped.

"Lisa," the woman said, "show this bitch what white girls are supposed to do for their superior black mistresses."

Jane turned her tear streaked face slightly to see Lisa get off the couch and lowered her Jeans and panties down below her knees and laid back on the knees on the couch edge with her ass pointed straight at her. She knew by stories she had heard in school what was expected after she had beaten a white girl up.

"Noooo. Please not that," she yelled.


The woman started slapping her ass again.

"Maybe you haven't learned yet white girl but when I get done with your ass you will," the woman shouted as Jane screamed and squirmed on her lap.


"YES! YES!" Jane yelled. "I do it. OWW! YES!"

The woman stopped.

"Asked Ms Lisa if you may please come over and worship her beautiful ass like a good little white girl," the woman shouted down at her.

"Please Ms Lisa may this white girl worship your beautiful ass," Jane shouted trying to avoid another pounding on her sore ass.

Lisa was wiggling her ass from side to side in anticipation.

"Come on over white slut and lick my ass," Lisa replied still swinging her ass.

Jane slowly slid off the mother lap trying to rub her sore white ass as she got on her knees on the floor and stared up at Lisa swinging ass only inches from her face.

"Better lick it good white girl," her mother told her, "or I'll get the paddle next on that plump ass of yours."

Jane pushed her head between the swinging mounds finding the girl asshole. There were still small traces of toilet paper but the smell wasn't that bad as she pushed her tongue out and started circling the tight little rosebud.

"Better do better that that," Lisa said from above, "or I'll tell mother to get that paddle."

Jane surrendered and started working her tongue in and out the pucker hole. The smell was now becoming more pleasant as she herself was becoming aroused at the degrading act she was performing. She hadn't had sex in over a year since she graduated from college and only once with a girl. But this was different.

Lisa wasn't making it any easier by swinging her ass back and forth and up and down while she tongued fucked her tight asshole.

"Oh mom," Lisa said. "Older white girls are so much better at licking our assholes. Wait till you get a chance of feeling this whore tongue up your butt."

Jane would have fainted at the words earlier, but at present her own cunt was dripping despite the soreness of her ass.

"I can tell she's enjoying it do as they all do," the woman said from behind. "She's dripping on the floor already."

"May have to put this one in a diaper," she laughed.

Jane was now driving her tongue deeper and deeper as well as faster in Lisa's butt hole. She could hear noises behind but at present she was getting off on this disgusting act. She felt Lisa shake and knew she had just had an orgasm.

"My turn now," the woman behind her said. "I got a nice harness for your face white girl."

Lisa moved forward enough so Jane's face was out of her ass. She really wanted to lick it some more but turn to the side to see the woman had now stripped and was totally naked except for a harness strapped around her waist and upper thighs. She had a collar in her hand and reached down and strapped it around Jane's neck without any resistance from Jane.

"Lisa dear," the woman asked. "Please come strap her in."

Jane felt Lisa grab her hair and led her around the woman. The woman had a full size figure but was well proportion and quite lovely Jane thought as she was led behind her. Her slightly large ass made Jane eager to bury her face in it and tongue it. She was surprised; however, to see two large hooks on the harness on each side of her ass cheeks as Lisa pushed her face between the massive mounds. She smelled her sweet asshole and started kissing and swirling her tongue on her butt hole as Lisa snapped the hooks tightly to her collar before she knew what was going on. Her face was now press solidly between the mounds so her nose was pushed in so deep she could barely breathe. She felt her hands being locked behind her back as she tried to protect which sounded more like a murmured.

"This is a training harness," the woman yelled above her with her mouth stilled firmly planted on her asshole. "I am going to walk around while you tongue my ass till I come. Better do a good job or your knees and face are going to be awful sore tomorrow."

Jane now fully understood her predicament and tried frantically to get loosed with no luck. The woman stepped forward slapping her face with her huge ass cheek as she tried to move on one knee to keep up. She knew what she had to do as she quickly moved her tongue deep in her ass and started working the butt hole for all she was worth. The woman walked slow as her knees was started to feel raw but she continue to tongue deeper and deeper as the woman surely was enjoying it enough to slow down so her tongue could stay inside longer. Her face was raw from being pounded by her huge globes.

Finally, she quit walking and bent over giving her full access to her asshole as Jane worked feverously driving her tongue inside to get her off. She knew by the shaking that she had succeeded as she continued.

"Natural white ass licker," the woman was telling Lisa. "Much better than most.

Un-strap her dear. I promised her a phone call and she earned it."

Jane was near coming herself but brighten up at the words. Although she knew she had enjoyed it, she knew it was wrong and needed to escape as soon as possible. She'll get even with them later.

Lisa came over and was unhooking her collar. She didn't realized how sore her knees and neck was till her face popped out of the woman's ass.

"Stand up white girl," the woman commanded.

Jane shakily stood up as the woman reached back behind her and drove her finger deep in her asshole. She was too tired to even jump.

"Come on white girl, time to call your mother to come pick you up." She commanded. "She pushed her finger in and out Jane's ass as she led her over to the phone in back of the room."

"I just can't wait to have your mommy over for some good ass licking fun." She laughed at her.


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