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Nudist Family
By Anonymous Author (2002)

* Nudist Family *

What happens when a mother catches her daughter giving head to her 13 year old son.

I am a 39-year-old mother with 4 kids, ages 19,17, 14 and 13 with the 13 year being my only son.

Our family was into nudism since our oldest one was seven. We go around the house naked all the time not thinking about the sexual nature of the thing. That is until one day I came home from work took my clothes off and headed for the bathroom to take a shower. I could hear my son moaning and I thought something was wrong or that he was hurt.

As I peaked around his bathroom door which was not closed fully, our 17 year old daughter was sitting on the toilet lid and my son was standing in front of her while she was deep throating his very thick penis. It didn't take her long to bring him to a climax which was soon dripping out of the corners of her mouth.

While watching this I didn't actually realize that I was masturbating while watching them. I was naked after all, and the scene I'd just witnessed was so perverted and sexually charged that I wasn't responsible for my actions.

I knew that I should have said something then and there, that I should have made a big deal out of what they had just done, but all I did was go to my room and lay on the bed and masturbate to a huge climax.

Later that night as I was going to bed I passed the oldest daughter's room and the door was not closed tightly. As I peered in I saw that she was between the legs of our 14-year-old and eating her pussy, while our 14-year-old's body was jerking around wildly moaning in pleasure. I could see our oldest daughter's tongue going in and out of her pussy.

Again I knew that I should have said something. I should have stopped them and explained how wrong it was. But I headed for my room horny as hell instead. My husband got a real going over that night, I can assure you.
The next day after work, once home and alone I stripped and headed for the shower as usual. Remembering the scene I'd witnessed the day before, I was masturbating and had almost reached a climax when my oldest daughter stepped in the shower with me.

I stood there in shock as she reached down to my pussy and started rubbing me. I knew that I should have stopped her, that I should have explained how wrong it was to do what she was doing. But instead I spread my legs for her. And when she dropped down and started sucking my very aroused pussy I held the back of her head and let her bring me to an earthshaking climax.


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