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Amyie's DVD For Dad by Sbeagle (htanya_18@yahoo.com )

* Amyie's DVD For Dad *

Mr. Honeywell had just come home from a long business trip. He entered his nicely appointed house expecting to be greeted by his daughter. He had been hoping and wishing with everything he had. Recently their relationship had changed. Instead of innocent little girl sitting on her daddy's lap, it was innocent little girl grinding her puss into daddy's cock.

He always dreamed about her. He dreamt of her young body pressed against his, of the wonderful looks on her face as he penetrated her deeply with his cock, his fingers, his tongue. He dreamed of her whimpers and screams as she orgasmed. His trip was long and his cock was already hard and he could probably cum twice.

Mr. Honeywell was disappointed to find that she had left that afternoon and all she left for her dad was an envelope. He picked up the heavier than normal envelope and opened it. Inside were a card and a DVD. He read the card and it said sorry I am not here, try watching this DVD until I get home! Love ya!

Curiously he slipped the DVD into the player and watched as Amyie's room appeared on screen.

It had a frilly white bed, pictures of boys and celebrities on the wall and to Mr. Honeywell looked like that absolute wrong place for him to be fucking his daughter. He had done so several times since his wife had left for Utah with her lover. He and Amyie had grown so close and never spent a night apart. It was either his room or hers and mostly hers. It's where they shared their first time together. He had been with her several times in some very nasty ways but nothing prepared him for what was going to happen next.

A small girl jumped on the bed. Mr. Honeywell didn't recognize her. She was thin and had on a man's button down shirt (his shirt actually, he did recognize that). Her legs were long and lanky she had a wonderful smile with crooked teeth and short spiky black hair. She reminded him of some sort of fairy or pixie. She should be sprinkled with magic dust, he thought.

"Hello, what's your name?" It was Amyie's voice.

"Sammy!" The girl said. She stood on her knees, the shirt reaching her skinny milky white thighs.

"What are you doing in my bed Sammy?" asked Amyie.

"We're gonna fuck!" Sammy giggled. The camera zoomed to Sammy's delicate face. Mr. Honeywell noticed her blue eyes, like clear sky.

"Say it again Sam!" Amyie zoomed the camera to Sammy's pink lips. The view reminded Mr. Honeywell of this video he watched of some girl kissing a plate glass window (it was strange but very erotic). Her lips were so soft and pink.

Sammy said it again, "We are going to fuck...on camera Amyie." The little girl said it like she truly savored the word fuck. How could a girl this young speak like this, thought Mr. Honeywell. Then he remembered his daughter was probably her teacher. Amyie was nearly a professional seductress.

"Oh fun Sammy, on camera huh? Fuck? mmmm sounds awesome," cooed Amyie. "Why are we going to do that?"

"It's a present for your daddy!"

Mr. Honeywell smiled and got a feeling in his stomach that wasn't unlike the one you get when you are falling 20 stories to your death. He always got this feeling when he was about to have sex with his underage daughter. Sammy was bouncing on the bed now. She looked full of energy and couldn't stop laughing or smiling.

"Sammy," asked Amyie "You look really young, how old are you?"

Sammy looked down at her fingers, wiggled them a bit then held up all ten, "Ten plus three!" She shouted. For Mr. Honeywell the building just got taller.

"Ooooh, Sammy that is young," said Amyie. "how do you know how to... how did you put it? Fuck? Sammy, how do you know how to fuck?"

"Silly! you and my sis taught me!"

"Who is your sister?"

"Tara. Amyie can we do it now? Pleeeeeeasssseeee!"

"Hang on sweets, where is Tara tonight?"


"Okay Sammy. Why don't you get warmed up before I get on the bed, OK?"

Sammy smiled and unbuttoned the bottom three buttons on Mr. Honeywell's shirt that she was wearing. Mr. Honeywell could see clearly now that she had on very skimpy and satiny black panties. She was touching herself on her white tummy. She rubbed both hands across it pushing the pinstriped shirt to the sides. She thrust her hips forward, reminding Mr. Honeywell of the party game Limbo.

"Mmmm tasty Sammy. Now lick your fingers little one." said Amyie.

Sammy brought her fingers to her mouth, put two in and sucked on them. She closed her eyes and drew out her fingers, leaving the tips puckered into her lips. She slid her tongue between the two and licked the length of them.

"K, now in your panties Sammy"

Sammy wasted no time and had her hand deep inside her undies. She changed positions and sat with her legs dangling off the bed spread wide.

Mr. Honeywell was so turned on. He had slipped off his pants and was on the couch jacking off. The girl on the screen dressed in his button down had her hand lewdly in her panties, her breath was loud and her moans quiet as she fucked her fingers. She was too much for him. He had to stop, she was circling her hips and hunching over obviously enjoying herself, he wanted to cum when his daughter was on screen.

Amyie told Sammy to stop "Don't cum yet baby, I want my daddy to see how wet you are. Pull your panties to the side." Breathing hard, she did. Her puss was very pink and wet, she spread it with two fingers and flicked her clit with her thumb. Amyie zoomed in close. Mr. Honeywell almost came without touching himself.

"Sammy, take off your shirt."

Sammy did. She waved and then slowly began to unbutton her shirt from the bottom up. She was sitting on her pretty knees again as she fiddled with the buttons. The opening shirt revealed her impossibly tight stomach, and then her very flat chest. She had almost no breasts to speak of as she slunk out of the sleeves of Mr. Honeywell's shirt. she put her hands behind her, thrusting her pelvis out smiling at the camera.

"Okay Sammy, let's see what you got!" Sammy whined a little bit about not being able to cum yet then began to play around on the bed.

She posed with her ass in the air. She sat and spread her legs wide and played with herself on top of her panties. She licked her fingers and played with her pert nipples. She looked like a boy but acted very feminine, giggling and smiling, obviously having fun.

Amyie directed her as best she could but the girl was out of control enjoying her first porn acting job.

"Hey girl!" Amyie said. "This is my movie! you aren't going to steal it from me!"

Amyie sauntered on screen. Mr. Honeywell saw her from behind first. She walked to the bed. Her hair was pulled back into a pony tail. Her neck was slender and perfect. Her back was beautiful, shoulders tapered down to a slim waist. Amyie was topless and her uninterrupted nude back was a sight. Her hips were wide making her seem even more slim at the waist. She was wearing a pair of her dad's briefs. Mr. Honeywell's cock spurted and he came in his hand.

She turned and revealed her upper body. Her breasts, small mounds that looked more developed than most 15 year olds, sat perfectly on her chest. She was wearing oversized sunglasses with white frames.

Now it was Amyie's turn to wave. She did and said "Daddy hi! I missed you so much. Do you like Sammy? She is sooo cute don't ya think? Well I thought you might enjoy watching the two of us when you got home from your trip." While she was talking Sammy had moved behind the cross-legged Amyie and began to drape her skinny arms around Amyie's neck. Sammy ran her lips on Amyie's shoulder and neck kissing her and sticking her tongue out and literally licking her!

Amyie reached behind Sammy's head and ran her hands thru Sammy's spiky hair. The smaller girl's hand was inching it's way across Amyie's tummy and to the waistband of "Amyie's" briefs. Amyie spread her legs wide and sat with Sammy fingering her. Mr. Honeywell could see the little girl's fingers underneath "his" briefs, sliding across Amyie's clit (at least that where he thought). Amyie, head back in pleasure began to massage her own tit and began to buck her hips in time with Sammy's hand. Amyie began to moan loudly as the young girl finger fucked her. The site of the two girls was overwhelming. Mr. Honeywell couldn't figure out when one girl began and the other ended. Then tone of their skin was similar and the size of their bodies almost identical. Amyie however had much larger breasts compared to the flat-chested Sammy.

Neglecting her breasts, Amyie grabbed the girl's hand and pulled it out. "I'm so close sweetie, hang on" she stood up and moved closer to the camera. She pulled her briefs down and spread her legs. The camera was full of her tummy and crotch. "Sammy, fuck my cunt, I want my daddy to watch it quiver when I cum."

Small fingers entered the screen. They caressed Amyie's thigh and tummy. "Stop teasing Sammy!" said Amyie and the fingers moved quickly to Amyie's clit and then smothered themselves in the fold of her pussy. They were glistening. Off camera Amyie was moaning and whimpering. Sammy's fingers began to pump Amyie's tight cunt. They made a wet sucking sound. Amyie's voice cooed sweet whispers of terribly naughty things that she wanted to do to her daddy. Sammy's fingers continued sliding in and out, two of them, wet and sloppy.

"My clit now..." Amyie said. Sammy obliged and her fingers now worked Amyie's clit. They rubbed back and forth very quickly.

"MMMM daddy, I can feel it in me. I can feel you on me (Mr. Honeywell had already cum. he was spent and quiet watching his daughter get fingered on the screen) Daddy I am gonna cum for you." The camera was steady but the standing Amyie wasn't her legs were shaking.

Everything became quiet except for the squish of Sammy's fingers on Amyie's soft lips. Amyie grunted and her hand joined Sammy's. She was breathlessly speaking her daddy's name: "Oh god daddy you make me so wet... I'm so fucking wet Jeff, you fuck me sooo good... you stretch my cunt so wide... oh you fuck my pussy so hard..."

Her crotch disappeared from view but shaky legs and all were back on screen quickly. Amyie began to orgasm. Sammy held on and tried to keep touching the young bald pussy of Amyie. Amyie ground her hips wildly into Sammy's hand, screaming and yelling and riding her wonderful orgasm to the end. Amyie spread her legs wider and got close to the camera. Mr. Honeywell could see her now quivering cunt.

The screen went black and when it came back on Amyie was in-between Sammy's legs. She was tossing her blonde hair back and forth between her legs. Sammy had such thin and awkward legs. They were lifted above Amyie's shoulders as Amyie's blonde hair thrashed between them. Sammy, an unconventional and innocent beauty, looked downright slutty.

Amyie's body looked wonderful from this position. She was arched just so, pinned to the bed by the young Sammy's legs, moaning into the little girl's puss. Sammy was in the throes of passion twisting and turning, writhing and barely able to contain herself. Her voice came in little gasps.

There was a noise off camera and Amyie picked up her head leaving the writhing Sammy on the bed. She rushed over to the camera and was gone for a few seconds. When se came back into view she was holding something. The moved her hand, palm up and open close to the camera and Mr. Honeywell saw a puddle of cum jiggling in it. "This is from Sammy's twin bro. He didn't want to play with us so he was off cam playing with himself," said Amyie. "I'm surprised he lasted so long."

She rejoined Sammy on the bed and smeared the puddle of cum onto Sammy's pussy. She used her fingers and then her face to rub it in nicely. Then began again to lick and pleasure Sammy. Mr. Honeywell could only imagine what it must taste like, white sticky cum on a sweet young cunt. He was hard and stroking again.

Sammy didn't last much longer and she began to scream and buck and writhe. She orgasmed as Amyie backed away and watched. The little girl "spazzed" out on the bed. Her voice was high pitched and calling out, oh my gawd, over and over again.

After a while Amyie scooped up some of the twin's cum of off Sammy's cunt. She then lay on top of the breathless Sammy and kissed her. She slid her cum soaked finger into their adjoined mouths and both began to lick each other and the fingers.

Amyie turned to the camera her face wet. Sammy closed her eyes and leaned back. "Did you like it Daddy?" Mr. Honeywell nodded. "I am upstairs, in fact, we both are..." she smiled and the video cut off.


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